1.5 – Mama’s Bittah-Sweet Memories

Two years…that’s how long I had her back.  Two years!  Tommy’d been ready tuh graduate!  He…he’s such a good kid. While I sit here wit’ mah scrapbooks, he an’ Chloe take care o’ thuh youn’uns.  He ne’er deserved this…this heartbreak.  None’n ‘em did.  Not him…not me…

An’ now…an’ now Bernard’s gone too!  At least he went peacefully, not in flames like mah poor sister.  He was 59 years old, she 57.

An’ me?  I’m feelin’ mah age finally.  Nah, I’m feelin’ older.  Bernard…he was mah everuhthang.  What’s left when everuhthang’s gone?

1.5 - pic1

I can’t look at Medea no more.  Thuh bigger she gets…thuh more she looks like her Daddy.  She’s got his eyes…his hair…his smile  An’ Donovan!  Oh, Donny…it ain’t yer fault…more’un any’un, it’s Donny that makes me think a’ Bernard.  After all…wifout Bernard, Donny ne’er would’a been in mah life.

As I stare down at these pi’tures…

1.5 - pic2 Ellie's Memories

…these memories I been storin’ up all these years…

1.5 - pic3 Mayfield Memories - Gen 1

…I jus’ feel so tired.  I’m tired o’ the hurt!  I…I weren’t ready fer him tuh go!  Lord, I needed him!  Like plants need sun an’ fish need watuh, I need him!

1.5 - pic4

Life…life’s got no meanin’ wifout him in it.

Chloe graduated the Community School for the Gifted with Highest Honor and as Class Valedictorian.  Her fellow classmates voted her ‘Most Likely to Take Over the World’.

1.5 - collage5

Thomas graduated the Community School for the Gifted with Highest Honor.  His fellow classmates voted him ‘Most Popular’.

1.5 - collage6



  1. Oh poor dear 😦 Seeing Ellie without Bernard is heartbreaking. They really did seem to suit one another. I got all smiley last chapter picturing them dancing and with laundry strewn all about. It must be so tough for her not to have him near.

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