1.6 – Family Summary

Arranged in order of age.

Generation 1

Bernard Mayfield:

  • Dead, elder old age
    LTW  Become a Creature-Robot Cross-breeder (achieved as adult)
    Traits – Good, Hopeless Romantic, Handy, Computer Whiz, Vegetarian

Susan Thompson:

  • Dead, elder  fire
    LTW Become an Astronaut (achieved as adult)
    Traits – Athletic, Workaholic, Ambitious, Charismatic, Loves the Outdoors

Ellie Mayfield:

  • Elder
    LTW  Culinary Librarian (achieved as adult)
    Traits – Excitable, Flirty, Natural Cook, Artistic, Perfectionist

Generation 2

Chloe Mayfield (gen2 head):

  • Young Adult ~ 18
    LTW  World Renowned Surgeon -> ???
    Traits – Light Sleeper, Loner, Genius, Computer Whiz, ???

Thomas Thompson:

  • Young Adult ~ 18
    LTW  ???
    Traits – Good, Virtuoso, Friendly, Perceptive, ???

Shaye Mayfield:

  • Teenager ~ 14
    LTW  The Animal Rescuer (locked in since childhood)
    Traits – Good, Absent-minded, Eco-Friendly, Animal-Lover

Medea Mayfield:

  • Teenager ~ 13
    LTW  ???
    Traits – Loves the Heat, Athletic, Hot-Headed, Vehicle Enthusiast

Lucy Mayfield:

  • Teenager ~ 13
    LTW  ???
    Traits – Loves the Cold, Easily Impressed, Photographer’s Eye, Hopeless Romantic

Donovan Mayfield:

  • Teenager ~ 13
    LTW  Celebrated 5 Star Chef (locked in since childhood)
    Traits – Genius, Excitable, Adventurous, Natural Cook

Top (left to right): Chloe, Thomas, Shaye/ Bottom (left to right): Medea, Lucy, Donovan.
1.6 - collage1

I really did want to try out the hospital career, since I never have, but it didn’t make sense with the direction this story took.  Technically, Chloe & Thomas aged up, but I haven’t picked out traits or LTWs yet.  So…feel free to suggest stuff!  ^_^

Also, I’m going to try to keep to an update schedule.  I’m thinking once a week, Mondays or Fridays.  Not entirely sure.  Feedback?



  1. It’s interesting to see that Lucy Loves the Cold while Medea Loves the Heat – how typical for twins.

    I have two sisters that happen to be twins as well and I can confirm that both of them have totally different personalities. When we were kids, one played with Barbies and the other with RC cars 🙂 LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! That describes Lucy and Medea perfectly! XD

      Since the Mayfields isn’t an actual legacy, I don’t always roll the traits. I usually do, because that makes it funnier, but sometimes I pick a trait just because it sounds cool.

      Liked by 1 person

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