2.0 – And It’s Just the Beginning…

Aunt Susan.  Trapped in a fire trying to save the rest of her spaceship crew.

2.0 - collage1

Daddy.  Stroke as he donated money to a charity.

2.0 - collage2


2.0 - collage3

…broken heart.

Within four months, they were all gone, one right after another.  Aunt Susan, Daddy, Mom…all gone.  Never coming back.

2.0 - collage4 graves of gen 1

My name is Chloe Mayfield.  I just graduated from the Sunset Valley High School.  And I’m the head of this family now.

Chloe Mayfield - ya1

Yeah, this was the saddest thing I’ve ever played in the Sims 3.  First Susan burns down, then Bernard dies (but he was really old, way past full bar), and then Ellie dies.  She died the day her bar filled up, which was the day after Bernard went.  She mourned, got sparkles while looking out the window (at her husband’s grave!), then left without even seeing the Reaper.  I guess she just couldn’t wait.  I won’t lie.  It made me cry.



    1. Yeah, I cried when that happened. I heard that gong sound and my heart froze up, then the camera zoomed in…she didn’t even wait for the grim reaper to show up! Her urn just appeared and she left! T_T

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  1. I totally understand you, Fluffy!

    Everytime I play a family for a long time I get emotionally attached to them… Then I fear the day when they start dying off 😦

    I’ve really enjoyed the first generation of the Mayfields!!! I will miss Ellie’s narrative voice. I’ve struggled to understand well at the beginning and now that I got used to it I won’t be hearing it anymore 😦 Anyway, I believe that Chloe will be a good narrator as well!

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    1. I’m sorry! T_T I’m committed to telling exactly what happens in game, though.
      Chloe’s definitely very different than Ellie. Ellie had this very optimistic outlook. Chloe’s a bit colder and…less optimistic. But can you blame her?

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