2.1 – Dreams and Real Life

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be a World Renowned Surgeon.  I don’t think that’s going to happen now.  Thomas and I, we can just barely keep up with the bills as it is.  There’s no way we can do that, take care of Shaye, Medea, Lucy and Donovan, and pay my pre-med tuition.

In some ways, I hate Mom for that.  She was selfish, giving up on life when Daddy died.  She’s left me with nothing!  Because she was selfish, I have to give up my dreams!

Maybe I’m the selfish one.  I just…I wanted to help people…like Daddy did…

Bernard Mayfield - Mad Scientist

All of us are hurting right now.  Donovan blames himself, Medea blames herself, Lucy is confused, Shaye’s taken to living in the woods and Thomas thinks he has to be the strong, stoic man of the family.  But I’m the oldest.  Daddy always said my most important task was to look after all my younger brothers and sisters, even Thomas.  I have to quit brooding and step up now.

After Daddy died, only a few weeks after Aunt Susan, Thomas and I started looking around for jobs.  We were both still in school, but Thomas managed to get a part-time job at the bookstore.  As for me…no one wanted to hire the ‘Mayfield Vampire’.  I was that creepy kid who always hung around the graveyard, and in a town like Sunset Valley, that’s enough to get you black-listed for life.

But I found…other ways of acquiring money.

2.1 - collage1

When I was a little kid, Daddy taught me how to do different things with the computer.  I’m not proud to be using what he taught me to steal, because that’s what hacking is: stealing, but we need the money.  I have no choice.

Now with Mom gone too, people are starting to just look the other way.  After Aunt Susan and Daddy died, people would bring food over.  They’d sit up with Mom and were there for her.  Now that its just me and Thomas, things seemed to have changed.  Now they’re remembering every rude comment Aunt Susan ever made, and every time Daddy never attended a party (always because he was working late, not out of some spite as they all seem to think).

I hate people.  I really, truly hate people.

I shouldn’t complain though.  Thomas usually takes care of those people.  Everyone is instantly at ease around Thomas, and so much more willing to let things go with him.  I haven’t met a person who could stay angry at him, not even Medea.  He’s like Mom was: everyone’s friend.

I’m much happier sequestered away in the study, churning through piles of data.  I probably wouldn’t have made a good doctor anyway.  Doctors are people-people.

Anyone reading, what’s your favorite town to play in and why?  I’m considering moving the Mayfields to a new town, but there’s so many I can’t decide!  I’m seeking inspiration.


  1. You know, funny enough I don’t think I really have a favorite town. I tend to choose them based on what I want to do with the family. For instance, if I want say, a farming family with horses and such, I might choose Appaloosa Plains or Riverview. If I want to play with fairies, off to Moonlight Falls I go. Singer? Starlight Shores. Diver? Isla Paradiso.

    Basically I choose whichever neighborhood is most suited to my current gameplay interests 😛 That way I’m always playing in different towns too 🙂

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    1. I was basically asking because I’d never played any of those towns. I stick to Sunset Valley and Moonlight Falls. But I wanted to try something else. I tried Isla Paradiso for a while…that didn’t end well. >.>

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      1. Ohhh, I see. Well then I’d say that with the exception of Isla Paradiso and Bridgeport (both of which lag hard), all the towns are pretty great 🙂 I think Monte Vista is especially gorgeous, but it’s theme doesn’t always fit my gameplay. Hidden Springs is another lovely one ❤ I do like Riverview though, and it's fairly simple so, not too much lag!

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        1. I recently considered Monte Vista for it’s Italian atmosphere. It would’ve been the Mayfields finish their world tour, then settle in Italy. But then I started reading the Loewel Legacy and felt too much like a copy-cat. ^_^; But it’s a really pretty town, and I might try some kind of challenge there at some point.
          Hidden Springs does look pretty, but I’m not sure if the Mayfields would end up there. My original plan was some kind of port town (which I realize doesn’t really narrow things down XD).
          I have chosen a world…and it’s really familiar…and beautiful…and I think its perfect…it better be, at least >:{ I’ve spent weeks prepping it! You’ll have to read to find out! ^_^ …which means I must write >.>

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    1. XD No, it’s fine! I’ve since found the perfect world for my Mayfields. For me, it was more that I’ll be seeing more of Monte Vista, since I read your legacy. So I wanted to do something else. But thank you! ^_^

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  2. I just want to give Chloe a hug. You’ve already made her so distinct from Ellie, which I appreciate. I love that you’re starting with a flawed protagonist, not quite the belle of the ball. I smiled at Mayfield Vampire. 🙂 I can already sense the weight on her shoulders. Looking forward to who she falls in love with.

    Shaye is living in the woods?! What?!

    I think Aurora Skies and Bridgeport are definitely my favorites. I kind of regret putting Karri’s family in Hidden Springs instead of in AS, which I find so distinctive, but yeah… HS fit the story more. I’m also warming up to Roaring Heights. I would love Isla Paradiso if it wasn’t so stuttery because of all the routing problems.

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    1. Chloe is very much flawed, which I’ve found makes sims seem more realistic. It’s actually a rule of mine now, that all sims have to have at least 1 negative trait by their young adult birthday. Another trait rule is they have to share 1 trait with a parent/guardian.

      Yeah, as a child & teen, I sent Shaye out a lot collecting bugs and gems. At the time, she seemed to be the best at it, so I’d keep her going for days. But I was still a n00b and didn’t understand randomness. XD

      I love, love, LOVE Isla Paradsio! 😀 It’d be my favorite if it weren’t so hard to make work right! :/

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      1. I love that rule. I just might use it moving forward! Adds a sense of realism to the game for sure.

        Yasss! IP is gorgeous. But even with overwatch, it’s so stuttery, it’s annoying. The world itself is just such a routing nightmare.

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        1. I have a handful of little rules I like to use to challenge myself. Nothing like a proper challenge, but I list them over on the Mayfields’ About page.

          I use these routing
          for as many worlds as I can. It has managed to straighten out IP a bit for me. Deleting a good chunk of the townie houseboats has helped too.


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