Update & Announcement

Sorry for falling off the earth, but I’ve been having some game issues.  So, I recently installed the Island Paradise expansion pack and I wanted to try out the world that comes with it, Isla Paradiso.  So I moved the Mayfields there.  It’s awesome and beautiful and amazing and…way too laggy.  After a bunch of game crashes and stuff, I’ve decided to forgoe that world for now and return to a previously backed up save of when the Mayfields were still in Sunset Valley.  They won’t stay there, but I need to figure something out that my sad little laptop can handle.

I had some chapters written up and it was super exciting with storms and shipwrecks and just awesomeness…but we’ll have to read about something else.  Maybe if I get a beefier computer, the Mayfields will return to Isla Paradiso (‘cuz houseboats are awesome!), but not so presently.  So, I’ll be rearranging the family bios a bit, since Thomas’s lifetime wish won’t be the same.  Chloe’s might change as well, depending on when I backed up.

This was just an update to say I haven’t given up.  I have an almost plan, kind’a…maybe.  And I’ll be posting the next chapter of the Mayfield Clan soon!  In the meantime, if you could check out my Legacy challenge here, I would very much appreciate it.  Bye for now! ^_^


Happy Chloe is happy!


    1. Thanks, but I’ve been through that site (and several others). It helped a little (a lot), but mostly the fixes handle lag. I can handle lag. I can’t handle crashes. Part of it is my computer, it’s an ancient macbook pro that I’ve already put through the ringer with school. IP might play nicer on land, but I loved the houseboat too much to give it up. Ah, well, I’ll just come up with something else. Thanks for reading! ^_^


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