2.5 – The Great Wall

Chloe’s PoV

It took a few weeks of driving, another week on various dusty trains, and several nasty conversations with border control, but we made it.  We were in China!

2.5 - pic1

“We’re staying at Héhuā de fángzi,” I told Thomas, him being the only one still awake this late.

“Sounds fancy,” he muttered.  “Can we afford it?”

“Thomas, it’s just a boarding house.”  I snickered.  “And you said my ballet lessons would never be useful.”

He sighed.  “Chloe, not everyone can pick up a language just from listening to their dance instructor curse.”  He shook his head.

“We’re here!”  Donovan cried, surprising us both.  “Shang Simla!”

2.5 - pic2

Shang Simla was a small farming village tucked between large, green mountains and the Great Wall.  It was known for its sake and the local martial arts academy.  Otherwise, it was quiet and the people kept to themselves.  Perfect.

We arrived early in the morning, before 8am, a time when Sunset Valley would be desolate.  Shang Simla was positively bustling!

It didn’t take us long to find the boarding house.  It was massive!

2.5 - pic3

“It’s huge,” Thomas muttered, staring up at the ancient building.  “We could get lost in there!”

“My thoughts exactly,” I replied, smiling.  Perfect.

“Nah,” Donovan piped up.  “It’s just that it’s on top of a mountain.  I bet it’s real cozy!”  He sprinted up the steps, Medea close behind him.

2.5 - pic4

The rest of us followed more sedately…some more than others.  “Get a move on, Shaye!  All the beds’ll be taken by the time you get up here!”

We didn’t have much with us.  Some books, a change of clothes for each of us, and miscellaneous sentimental objects.  Needless to say, unpacking didn’t take long.

“What we need now is to blend in,” I murmured to Thomas as he surveyed the contents of the house fridge.


Thomas’s PoV

I stopped and stared at her.  “Chloe, we have two pasty blondes, a couple of tanned redheads and a green alien.”  Hardly asian material.

She continued to stare at me, her head cocked at an infuriating angle.

I sighed and admitted defeat, pinching the bridge of my nose.  “Take the girls to scout out locals.  I’ll take Donovan and scrounge up some suitable clothing.”

Chloe brightened and ran out of the kitchen.

2.5 - pic5

“And cut your damn curls!” I called after her.

Note:  Two posts in one day?!  Yeah…I felt bad for leaving this alone for so long.  I’m sorry! T.T *sniffle*  Plus this chapter has better pictures (I think).



  1. Gah! I lived in China for more than a year, and I still can’t speak the language that well. It’s fricking hard! I don’t even know how to curse in Chinese. O_o I wish I had Chloe’s brains. I laughed at Chloe’s sentiment to blend in. Especially at Thomas’ reaction to that. He’s like, “Dude, look at us. There’s no way we’re going to blend in.” I had an American friend who described it as: “I’m a tall, blonde, white man in a sea of Chinese people. You won’t have trouble finding me.”

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