2.6 – Explorers and Dead Bugs

Chloe’s PoV

For those first two days, I kept to the room I shared with Thomas.  I read the few books left by previous tenants and quickly grew bored.  Luckily, Thomas soon found us appropriate attire.  He came back from the market place one afternoon lugging an armful of colorful silks.

2.6 - pic1

“Oh my gosh!” Lucy squealed.

“That was my ear,” Medea hollered back.  She grabbed an armful of green and stomped off to the room she shared with Lucy and Shaye.  Shaye had been getting on her nerves lately, apparently.

“That’s for the girls.  There wasn’t much in your…umm…size,” Thomas said handing me a bundle of white fabric.  “That explorer lady, Bion, helped me, you, and Donovan out.”

“Oh,” I tried not to be disappointed.  It wasn’t logical.  But I’d always admired the asian fashion.  “Very well.”  I took the white top and pants and went to change.  I turned and squealed, dropping my bundle.

2.6 - pic2

“Ta da!”  Donovan bounded into the room.  He struck a pose in his borrowed clothing.  “I am now an actual explorer!  How awesome is this?!”

2.6 - pic3

“Oh, Donovan,” I muttered.  “You’re too excitable.”

“I’ve already–”


“Nothing!”  Thomas answered brightly, ramming his hands into his pockets.  Donovan stood beside him, looking confused.

“Okay?”  I left for my room, shaking my head.


Thomas’s PoV

I watched Chloe leave, then whirled on Donovan.  “Whatever you do, don’t tell Chloe about the tombs,” I hissed.

“Why not?” he whined.

Typical thirteen-year-old, I thought.  He might be a genius, but he doesn’t think!  “Because she’ll worry!”  And when Chloe worried, she researched to calm her mind…and sometimes developed new weapons of war.

Since I was eight, I’ve been hiding the remnants of her hobbies from our trio of parents.  I dismantled the reloading and sound-barrier breaking potato gun, disposed of the bone collection from the catacombs she was studying, and destroyed the robotic rabbit that periodically exploded and rebuilt itself.  I really, really didn’t want to have to continue that in China, where the people were a hell of a lot more perceptive than in Sunset Valley.

“You don’t want Chloe to worry, do you?” I appealed, trying to sound less manic and more like a caring brother just looking after his sister’s mental health.

“No,” Donovan answered dutifully, but he actually sounded sincere, so I let him go.

At the front door, he turned back.  “I’ll make sure she doesn’t worry,” he said solemnly, holding the door handle.  “I’ll be very safe.”

I nodded.  “Just don’t tell her and everything will be fine.”  I hope.  Donovan left, probably to check around town for adventures.

2.6 - pic4

“I feel so pretty,” Lucy breathed, twirling into the common room.  She’d even done up her hair differently.  Medea scowled from behind her, but she was dressed as well.

2.6 - pic5

“Looks like everything fits,” I acknowledged.  “You two clean up nice.”

Lucy beamed.  Even Medea gave a little smile, fingering her new green vest.  “Where’s Shaye?”

The smiles dropped.  Medea opened her mouth, but Lucy beat her to it.  “She won’t wear it.  She keeps saying that silk is from dead bugs.”

I sighed.  Shaye displayed her animal-loving tendencies in odd ways.  She ate eggs and most meats, but couldn’t stand leather, milk or, apparently, silk.  “I’ll talk to her.”  I sighed again.

Note:  I’ll be returning to a reasonably consistent update schedule of a new chapter every friday.

Next time:  Donovan takes on his first adventures!

Thanks for reading! ^_^



  1. Let me just say this. Ahem. Donovan is really growing on me, which I guess says a lot about how you characterize your sims, because I think it’ll take a lot for me to love an alien sim character. To this day, every time I see Bubba Uzopac in my game, I wince. I’m too sensitive methinks. Ah but well… Glad that they’re assimilating, or at least trying to. When in China, do what the Chinese do (but really… don’t… at least don’t do everything they do… just some… just some…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Donovan quickly became a favorite of mine. I finally had a sim who actually wanted to have adventures beyond the first tutorial dungeon! And a sim who would just randomly “Get Excited” by being in a tomb! 😀 Trust me, an alien sim clapping and wooping randomly is fucking adorable.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel the same way you do about alien Sims, but I’m glad you played this aspect of the game so I can enjoy reading about Donovan without hearing him talk.

        Liked by 1 person

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