To CC or not to CC…

That is the question of the day.

As I mentioned in the last post, I bought a new laptop.  I’m pretty happy with it.  I can play all the PC games I want and it handles all my school programs awesomely.  For anything really intensive, so far, the fan kicks on like a rocket taking off and then the computer’s ice cold.  XD  So, yep, a cheap gaming laptop.  It can handle the Sims 3 without any hassle and the game loads super fast, even with all my EPs/SPs, store content, and mods.  So, clearly the thing can take more.

Long story short, I’m thinking about getting into custom content (CC) again.  Recently I’ve been jealous of all the cute clothes and object seen on blogs like Absolutely Cuckoo or the Paradis Legacy.  I found a few things and have been waffling back and forth, whether I should get them or not, for about a week now.  I finally decided to ask you guys about it.  Would you like to see some CC on the Mayfields or Diabolicals?  Would you care?  I’m not saying I’ll go crazy, new skins, hair, clothes, the whole shebang.  Most of the items I’m looking at are build mode stuff, actually.  No hair, since I pretty much own the store. XD But maybe some makeup wouldn’t be bad, some more freckles, etc.

I’m considering trying out some different skins.  I’ve done a bit of looking and, so far, most seem a bit too shiny for my tastes.  But I haven’t looked hard.  If you’ve got suggestions, maybe a skin you really like/think will look good on a Mayfield, the comments are always open.

There’s always the chance I’ll just call myself stupid after all this and not get any CC.  But I figured I’d get your opinion.  To give you an idea, here’s a bit of what I’m thinking of getting:

Under-stair storage by Everlasting-Garden (thank you meg! XD)

Book of Knowledge by cmomoney

A Poet’s Soul Eyeliner Set by Vampire_aninyosaloh

Cheeky Pose Pack by TheaiNyx

ModernLine Window Set by hudy777DeSign

Glass Walls by hazuitokage

Platform Windows by Jeckt

…it seems I like windows…>.>

I won’t go crazy with CC, I like keeping a clean game, just in case I decide to share any of my sims or lots some day.  For this reason, I might just say screw it and continue my “look, but no touch” relationship with custom content.

Well, feel free to leave your opinion in the comments.  If there’s any CC you’re just dying to see the Mayfields (or Diabolicals) try, well…we’ll see.  Leave a reason you think I should pick up custom content again.  Leave any suggested CC (I like build mode…I really like build mode).

See you Friday/Saturday!  ^_^


  1. I’m kind of on the opposite side of you and always look for CAS CC first (and then poses). Anyways, I’m up for seeing CC used if you’re having fun with it. Poses always add a new dimension to stories.

    As for default skins, I currently use neuroticrobotic’s Spiced Cider. It’s not too shiny and your new screenshots won’t look too jarringly different from your old ones. Because the images on the original post are broken (download link looks fine, though), I ended up taking some previews of my own. I also started using the skin for Eight Cicadas around Chapter 23, in case you need more images.

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    1. I’m just not that great at making sims, so I don’t think too much about it. Bernard, Ellie, and Susan were all pre-made sims from CAS that I just threw some clothes on and redid their hair. I really enjoy building, though, so my CC wishlist reflects that.

      I actually like that Spiced Cider skin! One of my main worries is that sims look so different with a new skin as compared to when the story began. I like that skin, though. Maybe I’ll switch. Still not sure.

      Thanks for your input! ^_^


  2. Honestly I think your game looks fine as it, but if CC is something that you’ve been wanting that by all means go for it! Your game should be enjoyable for YOU to play and if you feel like it’s lacking in something well then this game is particularly suited to being able to add whatever it is you feel you’re missing! For me that means lots and lots and lots of hair, LOL.

    I would say my only warning is that it can be a bit of a slippery slope…You SAY you won’t go crazy on it, but then you enter into the world of CC and everything is just so pretty and then suddenly you have 8GB of CC!….Oh, is that just me then? LOL. NO REGRETSSSSSS. *flees*

    Anyway, I completely agree that most skins are MUCH too shiny, so like Trip I go for a Maxis-Matchy type skin. However, the one I use is Kanno’s Moonlight:

    I swear it’s always happens that I wonder whether or not to change it, but I love it SO MUCH that it’s been the only one I’ve used since I bought TS3 years and years ago! It’s seriously my favorite. Try out a few and see what you like, if any =)


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    1. I’m naturally a cautious person, and some corrupted CC cost me a lot of saves early on. So I’m REALLY hesitant about CC. My macbook could only handle so much, so I had a built-in limiter. I had to prune my store content, and my mods were kept to the bare essentials. But this new laptop can handle a LOT more. I’ve already added a few more mods, but have been inching closer to the CC cliffs. Still VERY hesitant, but I figure if I stick to what other simmers recommend, I’ll be less screwed.

      8GB of cc?! O.O Good lord! But your sims are all so beautiful and you have so many awesome poses, nah, it makes sense. I don’t care enough about hair and clothing, though, so I don’t see myself getting too much (if any) of that. And I’m too lazy to incorporate poses into my stories. I prefer the game telling me what’s happening rather than planning out an actual plot. XD Maybe once in a while for family portraits, though. I can see that. Hmmm… >.>

      I am considering skins, now that I’ve seen all the nice, shiny-free ones you guys have offered up. And they don’t seem too out of place with the rest of the game. I’m liking the Starfruit ones linked in the forum post Trip linked to. I think I’ll try a bunch out, see if there’s any I really like, and go from there.

      Thanks for your input! ^_^

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      1. Oh wow yeah, I totally get why you’d be cautious about downloading CC! I think like you said though, the key is sticking to content that lots of other simmer’s recommend. I would also frequently back up your saves and check the stuff you download in game so you easily know what was bad/what you didn’t like/ and what you want to remove as you go. It’ll save you a lot of time!

        And yes LOL I have over 800 pose packs alone! XD Sometimes I do regret getting into the habit of using them, but I find that my story telling is a little less limited this way and since I write out the chapters BEFORE I go in game, it tends to help. ….still, my favorite scenes are the ones I can capture through game play alone!

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        1. Don’t worry, I’m already in the habit of backing up my saves periodically. As for checking CC, I can finally use that Custard tool everyone talks about! XD I could never get it to work on my macbook, so I had to be REALLY careful about what lots I downloaded and installed. On the plus side, I think that’s made me a better builder. XD But that tool works! I tested it and it works and I feel just a bit safer! ^_^

          800 pose packs?! O_O I didn’t think so many even existed! But I guess you have to be prepared for any kind of scene your story calls for. I’m warming up to the idea of being able to take family portrait shots more easily, but I’m soooo lazy! XD I prefer to just write after the game tells the story. But maybe you’ll see an actual Mayfield family photo at some point!

          As far as poses and stories go, yours is utterly fantastic! The Winters’ tale is riveting, and the pose packs just add to that. Since I’ve (obviously) never dealt with pose packs, I can’t say factually, but in my opinion you shouldn’t regret getting into pose packs. They’re probably not necessary, since you’re a fantastic writer, but they do add something amazing to your story. ^_^ Like I said, I’m just lazy with planning out stories. 😛

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          1. Custard is a very good plan, especially for downloading lots, which can come with all sorts of undesirable CC o_o

            LOL well, I checked after I wrote that and it’s actually 534 pose packs, but that’s still ridiculous, I know, hahaha XD

            I do love family portrait shots though. There’s just something about having a bunch of simmies all posed together that’s really fun to look at it, lol. Plus it’s a nice “keepsake” to have. Honestly I wish I’d done them for every generation!

            Oh my god T_T You’re much too kind! Thank you T_T It makes me really happy to hear that you think Different Winters is riveting and that the poses add to it =)

            Bahaha, I don’t blame you at all. Honestly something I wish I didn’t plan and write out so much because then maybe I’d be able to post faster! XD

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            1. Your chapters are usually several thousand words, though. I think my longest Mayfield chapter was 1500 words. You write quality versus quantity, I don’t think anyone will ever debate against that. Just go at your own pace. I used to, ahem, *whispers* write fanfiction *cough*. Yeah, well, through that I got into the habit of writing chapters in advance and posting twice a week. So the Mayfields isn’t hard to keep up with. I try to make sure I have several chapters in reserve, so if I don’t have time to play for a few weeks, because school or life or stuff, I can still post on time. Basically, I’ve been in the habit now for…many years, yeah, we’ll go with that…and it’d be harder to break the habit than just apply it to a new medium. 😛

              People seem to enjoy my relatively consistent posting, so I’ll keep at it. I don’t have pretty pictures or amazing poses, or a particularly dramatic story, so I’ll stick with what I’ve got. It doesn’t take much effort on my part! 😛

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            2. What?! No! Don’t whisper that! That’s awesome! I used to write fanfiction too XD Hell, I used to roleplay actually–tons and tons of Harry Potter XD

              So you’ll notice in the first generations my chapters actually were on the shorter side, but I guess as I’ve grown more and more invested in the story and the characters they just get longer and longer, lol. And gah, thank you, you’re too kind!

              Anyway though, I’ve liked your story so far and am looking forward to seeing what comes next!!! 🙂

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  3. HMMM this is a very perplexing question.

    Of course your game looks really nice just EA stuff. But CC is so fun!

    I *tried* to keep my CC minimal just before the Paradis’ (then Feven came along and I was like OH I NEED HAIR FOR HER. NOW EYEBROWS. NOW MAKEUP. NOW CONTACTS and then it all fell apart XD ) So before then, I just kept myself contented with custom skin (which I really like most of the skins from but I had to try out several before I found one that stuck, I think the one in my legacy is… Oh crap now that I’m looking in my folder, my current default skin isn’t even from brntwaffles XD It’s )

    The main reason default skin is something I really love is because in my opinion, it shows the facial features better. Like EA’s skin is all mainly one tone, but default ones have usually a little more contouring that make the features stand out more. (to be fair I haven’t tested this theory so this could be a lie)

    Okay I am going to list just one more thing by brntwaffles that I really love. Sorry. It’s a lighting mod and I love it because it makes the sky so PRETTY and it makes everything a little brighter. Of course in some cases, brighter isn’t better XD

    I also use CC that makes some aspect of the game a little better. For instance, you can download a notebook sort of like the children use as homework, and your Sim can write in it and gain the writing skill. It’s just nice so you don’t have to buy a broke Sim a computer for them to write. I also have a portable easel which is cool.

    Okay this is a really long comment! I just wanted to say any way you go, the Mayfields will be as super freaking cool as ever! ❤

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    1. Ah! I’ve seen that notebook! I meant to put it on my list, but I couldn’t find the link >.> And you can totally list away! I’m happy to learn about all the neat CC ya’ll have found. I love it whenever simmers list the CC they use on their blogs and such. Though wordpress seems to think that too many links equals spam O.o

      An issue I have with CC (besides just corrupted CC T_T) is that sometimes it can look so different from everything else in the game. It just stands out, and not always in a good way. I’ve got a lot of store content and I don’t want to waste it just because it looks out of place in a CC-rich game. That’s why I like sticking to build mode CC or, like you mentioned, little things that make gameplay better.

      Thanks for your input! ^_^

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      1. Here’s the link for the notebook if you want it!

        And I totally know what you mean. I get kind of freaked out by those Sims on tumblr that look ultra-realistic. It’s nice to retain the EA style! I keep everything really EA-style in my Sims 4 game especially because I just love how it looks. (if only I had as much fun playing it as I do looking at its prettiness *sigh*)

        Anywayyyys, yeah like the staircase storage thing, if you want a link to anything I’m pretty nifty at relocating it! 🙂

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        1. Ah! Yes! Thanks muchly! 😀

          Realistic sims are awesome and the people that make them are very talented, but when seen in-game they look soooo out-of-place and incredibly creepy! Very reminiscent of the Twilight Zone.

          I prefer the Sims 3 to Sims 4, but I didn’t play Sims 4 long. The worlds look beautiful! So bright and colorful! But the sims looked sorta plastic-y, in my opinion. I loved how you can sculpt the faces and bodies, but I missed the Create-a-Style.


  4. That’s a FOREST of comments I had to hack through to get to the bottom. *wipes forehead* Am I there yet?

    Oh wow, thank you for the mention! That’s really flattering, even though I never thought of my game as particularly filled with cc, but maybe it is. Gulp! Anyway, I don’t think you need to add anything, as long as you’re not constantly thinking about how fun/useful it would be if you had it, you know?

    As for me, I love my mods. If I could marry them and go with them on a gondola through Venice I would. The CC could stand on the sides and throw confetti. Or maybe not..

    I agree with you that anything too shiny or ultra-realistic looks off in game. I don’t like the super shiny hairs or glossy skins. I use one of the Starfruit skins sometimes (“defined eyes, EA match”, I think it’s called, it’s really cute) but most of the Cuckoos have Aikea Guinea’s default skin:

    The things you are about to download (maybe) seem to be great choices! The modern line window pack is freaking awesome. Custom windows do so much for the look of a house, even when you – like in my case – can’t build. 🙂

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    1. Lol! XD

      I assure you, only the good stuff. Your game looks awesome. I’ve only ever seen the Cuckoo’s house, but I love all the little knick-knacks that make it look like a real home. 🙂

      There’s a few things on my list, but skins have actually moved to the top. The more I stare at them, the more I think “Pretty!” XD

      I agree, I love my mods! XD Until this new laptop, I’ve had to swap out mods depending on which save I was playing, because the game couldn’t load with all of them at once. But now…the mod world is mine! Bwhahaha! XD

      I’ve been wondering what skin you use! And I’ve actually been looking at Starfruit’s skins. The one on my short list is the Busty Defined Eyes EA-Match skin. From all the links people gave me and stuff I’ve found exploring, I’ve got four total picked out right now. And they’re all so differently awesome that it’s hard to decide! But I just want one skin, so everything matches nicely.

      That window pack does look tantalizing! XD I usually build victorian-esque things, but have recently become enamored with modern architecture, so all the windows. Right now I’m making over a world, and just NEED a modern house on this one lot. I might resist for a bit longer, though. A new default skin and a few more mods sounds like enough for now.

      Thanks for stopping by! 😀


  5. When I was using my laptop to play I couldn’t download any mods or CC, it just wouldn’t take it it wasn’t powerful enough. But now it’s on a desktop (sadly not potable though!) I can mod and use CC to my heart’s content. I seriously would not look back once starting down the mod/CC path. I did some of that for my Sims 2 but it got corrupted. I’m much more careful this time around. I do have a bad habit of downloading a ton of stuff (hair, clothes and makeup usually – and now pose packs!) without testing each one out first *smacks forehead* I know, I’m dumb. I just find so many pretty things I WANT THEM ALL!!

    Anyway you can find a complete list of all my mods/CC on my blog under “Mods”. All have been tested and all work. They’re what I’d recommend. I can’t say anything about skins because I haven’t used any until like 5 mins ago (I downloaded the one Lily suggested!) so can’t be of any help there. I would agree, once you start rolling down the CC track, it’s really hard to stop yourself. I’m still really new to this whole world, so I can’t really give much advice. Listen to Trip and Lily, they’ve been the BIGGEST supports (other than you of course!) since I started my blog.

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    1. CC corruption, I feel for you T_T It’s often frustrating and never fun. But yay! Better computers for all! XD

      I didn’t really like how Kanno’s Midnight skin looked on Chloe, her skin just looked weirdly blotchy. On Thomas it was fantastic! But I want just one so everyone looks similar. I’ve been testing skins on Chloe, Thomas and Max all week, whenever I’ve got a spare moment. They’re my main characters and with them I’ve got all the different skin tones covered. So far, I absolutely love the Blueberry Pie skin by Burnt Waffles. Meg gave me the link. That skin has some nicely defined eyes that Thomas and Chloe look gorgeous in, without making Thomas look weirdly girly. But Max…O_o He actually looks pretty in that skin! XD I’ll probably do a post soon with pictures, partly for opinion, partly to share those hilarious images.

      Anyway, that Blueberry Pie skin has the best defined eyes, in my opinion, but the Huckleberry Pie by Pyxis and the Spiced Cider by neuroticrobotic have better (more like EA) color ramps. I haven’t tried out the default ixot suggested yet, but I will.

      I’m glad this post/forest-of-comments has inspired you as well! I can’t wait to see how Bloodlines will look with a new skin. : )

      Awww! Thanks! Never thought I’d be included with those two in anything. XD I’m happy to help!


      1. An “update” post would be cool, to see how they look with their new skins. I’m looking forward to it!

        Yeah this post has inspired me to try out something new. So thanks for that 🙂

        Of course! You’ve been a big help with mods and story progression so I really appreciate your input 🙂

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  6. I play CC free. Not that I wouldn’t like anything of the cool stuff I see around, but my 2 yrs old gaming laptop doesn’t like The Sims 3 as it is. I can’t imagine loading a game with all the massive amount of CC, because I am one of those who would download everything 😀

    Anyway, I remember that I used to have lots of CC back in TS2 and I loved it! So I guess it’s actually up to the machine if it can handle it. If the game will work fine also with the CC, then go for it 😉

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    1. That was one of the reasons I was actually considering CC: my new laptop can actually handle. The game itself boots up in like a second! 😀 It’s great! So far, the only CC I have currently are 2 default replacements: skin & eyes, that way I can still upload any sims or lots I want and they’ll be safe. 🙂

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  7. I really love CC but I basically just use the same CC items for CAS all the time. I have three skins (one of which is no longer up for download and I put it up on mediafire in case anybody wants it) . The other two are : and this one wore basically everyone in the beginning of my story and all my heirs wear it: I really love it. I also use these eyelashes: they are available either as eyeliner or accessories, I have edited my converted sims3packs to match each clothing category since not all of them are available for every category. Next I use Sarhra V5 contacts: And without other stuff I can manage as these are my basics 😀

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