To Skin a Sim

ZEROTH!  If you’re here and haven’t seen my Halloween special, go back a post!  Or not, your choice.

First, cookies (vegan & gluten-free ^_^) for everyone who suggested stuff.  I’ve actually had a lot of fun trying out custom skins and learning more about them.  So, big thanks to all of you, you guys are the best! ^_^

Second, this post is quite image heavy, so I’m sorry if it takes a bit to load.  Also, feel free to click on the images to see bigger images.

Third, I wrote this post over a two week period about two weeks ago.  Kind of a “as it happens” thing, so I apologize if I change tense suddenly or something.  I could fix it, polish it up, but I’m too f***ing exhausted right now.

Alrighty, after all this time, I’ve finally decided what CC I’m incorporating into my game.  There’s a new default skin, some new mods, and other bits and bobs you can read about over on my revamped Mods page.  If you don’t want to read through an outrageously long, needlessly pointless post, you can read about exactly what I’ve installed over there.  I mean it, if you don’t want to listen to me rambling on about not-very-interesting skin searches, press the NEXT button at the bottom of this page and get out of here!  This is mostly my excuse to post pictures of my sims in shiny new skins.  XD

Here’s your last warning…I’ve REALLY over-thought this default skin thing. >.>

Also…nipples…beware.  XD

Okay, after the suggestions, I had a few easy favorites.  Pyxis’s Huckleberry Pie skin suggested by Meg was simple but a lot more detailed than the EA default.  It looked great on both Chloe and Thomas and so really grew on me.  The Spiced Cider skin by Neuroticrobotic was my other favorite, suggested by Trip.  It wasn’t jarringly different from EA’s and made everyone look at least decent, even random-CAS-button-made sims, so that was impressive.  So, for a while I was juggling between those two suggestions and the Blueberry Pie skin by Brntwaffles that Meg linked to.

To Skin a Sim - pic1

I really, really liked the Blueberry Pie skin, but…Max was just too pretty.  Just look at those luscious lips!  XD  He also wasn’t sickly pale anymore, which weirded me out when in-game.

MaxFull - Blueberry Pie

Then Ixot suggested this skin by Aikea Guinea (I just know I spelled that wrong).  And I wanted to love it.  I wanted to so badly!  It was beautiful and exact in the details, a bit too dark about the nipples, but I could live with that because look how beautiful they are!  Look at those collarbones!  And ribs!  I also loved the definition around the eyes.  It has eyebags!  But…that…nose!  Argh!  This skin nearly drove me to create my own skinblend!

To Skin a Sim - pic3

The nose, I’m told by knowledgeable persons, is very realistic.  But I found it just too blocky on Thomas.  Chloe and Max both have slender noses, so it wasn’t too bad on them, but Thomas…he’s got a big nose.  And toddlers weren’t cute enough, partly because of the nose, partly because there wasn’t enough detail to match the detail on the other ages.  Maybe I’m just extraordinarily picky.  Oh yes, it was about this time that I decided to make decisions based upon cuteness of toddlers.  XD

toddlerM - AikeaV1

But that escapade drove me to start looking into more realistic skins.  It took me…interesting places.  Mostly Tumblr, which I had not explored (or even visited) ever before.  I also learned that there’s a lot of creators out there for the sims 3.  Like, a LOT.  But most who create skins are too different from EA’s default for my tastes.  There’s the Ultra-Plain Faces skin over at ModTheSims, but that wasn’t enough detail for me.  I want to stick near EA’s default, but I also want more detail.  Oxymoron, I know.  Body detail is nice, so I’d definitely like that, but that’d be just for me.  For story pictures, I want facial details.  Body detail was one of the little things that was holding me back from just committing to the Huckleberry Pie skin at this point.  I blame the Aikea Guinea skin.  It showed me things.  The other thing was the detail on the nose.  It made the end of the nose mass look much larger.  More realistic, I know, but not exactly what I wanted.  Yeah, I’m definitely extraordinarily picky.  XD

Anyway, I journeyed through livejournal, tumblr, and modthesims.  I found good skins…

Thomas - AikeaV1

…and I found bad skins.

Thomas - Bubbles

But after many days of trawling through mountains of skinned sims, my search lead me to a showdown between two skins: Pyxis’s Huckleberry Pie skin and Joedy’s Buffy V4 skin.  They’re very similar.  Pictured below, left to right: EA’s default, Buffy V4, and Huckleberry Pie.

To Skin a Sim - pic7

The main differences between these two skins were nose definition and body definition.  The Buffy V4 skin has more body definition, the nipples are more than a dark blur and the shoulder blades and spine are a bit more defined.  The Huckleberry Pie skin is a bit less defined about the body, more like EA’s but still very nice.  The Huckleberry Pie has a more defined nose, though a bit large at the end. Both have a monolid version, so there’s no worry that asian-esque sims look weird, and both are very matte.  Buffy V4 does get rid of that weird lipstick overlay, which is a bit odd at first but nicer overall, I think.  Buffy V4 also might have more defined eyes and larger eyebags, but I could also just be seeing things now since I’ve been staring at these pictures for days now.

Hmmm…toddler time!

To Skin a Sim - pic8

Crap…both toddlers are freaking adorable!  That nose is so cute!  Argh!  Erm!  Er!  Max!  Get out here!

To Skin a Sims - pic9.5

Hmmm…I like the Huckleberry Pie face on everyone…but I prefer the Buffy V4 body…hmmmm…decisions…me no like decisions!

To Skin a Sim - pic10

And this is what I’ve been staring at for the past three hours.  On the left is the Buffy V4 skin, the right is the Huckleberry Pie skin.

The Huckleberry Pie nose has a wider bridge with some extra shading around the nose and between the nostrils, leading to a more realistic nose (read: bigger) without losing the base EA default shape.  I appreciate that.  The Buffy V4 eye has more shading under the brow for a more defined eye, as well as a larger eyebag under the eye.  And let’s not forget that the Buffy V4 has no-smudge nipples.  Who else cares?

*chirp, chirp*

Okay, cards on the table.  Huckleberry Pie won.

To Skin a Sim - pic11

Do you want to know why?  Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway.  All this time that I’ve spent comparing the two skins, I’ve been using Chloe as a model since I couldn’t get over the smudge nipples on Thomas and Max.  Believe me when I say I compared every inch of those skins.  But then I took some screenshots and put them up next to each other, all of only Thomas’s face.  The Huckleberry Pie skin makes him more smiley.  Maybe it’s just because the lips stand out from the rest of the skin a bit more, but I like it.  I don’t know if any of you noticed, and I never noticed it more before comparing these two skins, but Thomas’s neutral expression is a smile, and the Huckleberry Pie skin brings that out, even on toddler Thomas.  I may eventually combine the Buffy V4 body with the Huckleberry Pie face (creators allowing), if I’m not too lazy.  But for now, I will contend smudge nipples with extra-smiley Thomas.

Thank you all who suggested skins!  But especially Meg.  Thank you for giving me extra-smiley Thomas.  You will never know just how happy that little thing made me during my two weeks of hell.  It’s ridiculous, actually!  Yeah, sure, I might have to get up at 3am tomorrow to take a four hour train ride to take a five hour test, but I have an extra-smiley sim to show my readers this weekend!  Weird, but true.  So thank you.  ^_^

Edit 2016:  I have changed my default skin to Simztu’s Gumdrop skinblend.  A smooth, matte face like the Huckleberry Pie skin, smiley lips, and very detailed body.  I think it’s perfect!  ^_^



    1. XD Yeah, I went overboard…extensively so. I’m incredibly picky about aesthetics. But I had fun, too! Each skin adds slightly different elements. They’re all unique, and I greatly admire those that made theirs from scratch. I could never do that. These hands were not made for art! XD

      I am good at copying and modifying others’ work. My cousins joke that I could have been an art forger! XD

      Time and original creators allowing, I’ll probably end up blending a few of my favorite skins together, at some point. Until then, I’m quite happy with the one I chose. ^_^


        1. Woah, really? Awesome! 😀

          I’m currently messing about with something now, off and on, whenever I get free time. I found a body base I love, but have grown very attached to the Huckleberry Pie mouth (so expect that to stick around XD). I’m trying to find an upper eyelid I like, but, as we’ve seen, I’m super picky. 😛 I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Wow, you really did your research there! I just slapped on Aikea Guinea’s skin and gushed over the collar bones, lol. Now I only use hers and three different Starfruit. I think you made a good choice in the end, the paint work around the nose looks great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! I’m just incredibly picky. I also loved the collarbones on Aikea Guinea’s skin. I think if I’d started looking for skins before Thomas and Chloe aged up, I would have chosen it.


  2. LOL this is exactly why I’ve used the same default skin since I first purchased TS3!! I cannot be bothered to do that much research XD Plus, also because I’ve had the same ones for so long, any other looks really weird to me o_o I have been tempted to test new ones though, so if I do I’ll use this post for reference, lol. The one I’ve been wanting to test is Simtzu’s Gumdrop, but if my Different Winters sims look too different it’d drive me nuts o_o

    Regardless, it looks like you made a good pick! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Yeah, I’m so particular that I went crazy. Throughout the whole thing I would ask my boyfriend’s opinion, since he’s really into art and has a keen eye. Towards the end of it, he was so fed up that, whenever I’d ask something, he’d give this really long sigh, look at me, sigh again, then look at the screen. XD

      Feel free to use this as a reference. That’s part of the reason I included all the links to the skins I really liked. (If I’d included absolutely every skin I looked at…you’d still be reading! XD)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is awesome!! This is actually really helpful because I miss a lot of details when it comes to skin, particularly when it comes to the bodies because I focus so much on the faces. Which may explain why I use Huckleberry since the body isn’t very detailed as the face! But I’m really happy I gave you a good suggestion, I love to be helpful! It would be really nice if there were separate skins for faces and bodies that one could mix and match to their liking. But oh well. And I enjoyed seeing how everyone looked with different skins! Haha Thomas is very smiley!! I’m glad we can discover that about him! I think it fits his personality, he seems like a positive sort of guy despite stressing over his sister. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks again! Extra-smiley Thomas still makes my day! 🙂

      There are several skins out there where the faces and bodies are separate. I didn’t particularly like that (one file, please) but I did find a few in my wanderings.
      Kanno’s Moonlight skin comes in barbie & non-barbie, both separated into distinct face & body files.

      Here’s a few slightly different faces: Silk & Velvet. They’re also be on ModTheSims here, if you feel safer downloading from there. I believe the creator, LadyFrontbum, also has bodies for download. The children skins are actually quite cute, but, as I mentioned, I wanted ONE file.

      So, I actually focused mostly on the bodies first, then the skins. After I saw Aikea Guinea’s skin, I used body detail as a sort of weed-out factor. I’m not quite happy with the body detail on Huckleberry Pie, but that mouth detail is amazing! ^_^ I’m working on my own skinblend, as time allows, because I’m super picky and don’t have enough projects already. Like that pile of grad applications that won’t just fill out themselves. *sighs*

      Liked by 1 person

    1. People keep saying that! XD I’m really just INCREDIBLY picky, but I didn’t know enough about skins to know what I was picky about. So first I had to figure that out, which took quite a bit of fumbling, let me tell you! But then I needed to find the perfect skin to satisfy those picky points. 🙂 Huckleberry pie works fine…for now.

      At this point, I’ve learned enough to make my own skinblend (which is a work-in-progress). I’m not an artist, by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m really good at taking someone else’s work and building off it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I really love the Simtzu Gumdrop. I don’t use default skins at all, I like to be able to use EA and if people wanted to download my sim, I don’t want to get them into getting a default skin from them.

    Liked by 1 person

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