Yet Another Non-Story Post

These things have become a habit lately, but don’t worry!  It’s almost over!

Anywho, apparently someone made an error and nominated the Mayfields for the Liebster Award.  I know!  Crazy, right?  So, before they take it all away, I’m claiming it!  Bwahahahahaha!  XD

So, thank you Xyllas of…Xyllas?  Thank you!  For your lapse in judgement!  XD

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is something bloggers give to other bloggers (who have under 200 followers) for being awesome.  The nominee answers the questions posed to them by their nominator, then nominates a bunch of other blogs (who have under 200 followers) and aks them a bunch of questions.  And so on and so forth.

It’s pretty cool, actually, like a nice, harmless chain email that says “You’re Awesome!”  XD

Okay, so, Xyllas’s questions!  Copied and pasted so there can be no mistakes.

  • How did you decide the name of your blog?
    • …that should be obvious.  XD  I suppose I could have been more creative *cough* Different Winters; Bloodlines; Eight Cicadas *cough*  But I wasn’t.  I never expected anyone to actually read this!  XD  So, I was boring and named the blog after the starring family.
  • Can you tell us an embarrassing moment? (Doesn’t have to be extremely embarrassing. I mean, I’m cruel but not that cruel)( ̄~ ̄)
    • Hmmm…I could…I could tell you lots…but I’ll stick with this:
      Once upon a time, while in a rigorous pure math class under a certain intimidating, Russian professor, Fluffy was sitting down at a desk by the window.  She’d been a little late to class and was staring at the blackboard while setting out her notebook and pens.  She saw it out of the corner of her eye.  It was an incredibly large, furry spider on the wall literally two inches from her face!  She shrieked, did a gymnastic leap over two desks and shrieked again, staring at the spider the entire time.  Dr. Russian-Pure-Math stopped writing and stared at Fluffy.  He stared pointedly.  “Eez something wrong?”  Fluffy gibbered something about spiders and pointed in the direction of her desk, which was now over-turned and her papers spread out over the floor.  The entire class (8 total) was now staring at her.  “Do you want me to keel eet for you?” asked Dr. Russian-Pure-Math.  To save him the trouble, a classmate shooed the spider into a cup and took it outside.  Fluffy sat down again, but a few desks over from her original seat.  The End.
  • Any things that tick you off?
    • So, I’m really, incredibly slow to anger.  And once I am angry, it burns out really fast.  Being angry just requires way too much energy for me.  That being said, yes, there are a few things that tick me off.  It quickly turns to sadness, but still.  The main one being people taking away choice from other people.  I believe that choice is a basic human right.  I can choose what to wear, who to be friends with and, to some extent, where to work and live.  I can choose what to study and when, but I face the consequences when it comes test time.  I could choose to murder someone, but I face the consequences of such an action.  When someone says, “No! I’m choosing for you!”, like with those arguments still going around about how abortion laws are wrong, that gets me really upset.  I think everyone should get a choice and just learn to deal with the consequences, if there are any.
  • Got any obsessions?
    • Hehe….hehehehehe…you have no idea.
  • Favourite subject and why?
    • Math.  Hands down.  It used to be that I was just good at it, but the higher up I go, the more I learn that I love math for math’s sake.  There’s no joy quite like creating an elegant proof all by yourself.  Yeah, I know, I’m weird.
  • If you could only carry on one hobby for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
    • Oh god, that’s a tough one.  Hmm…probably writing.  Most of my hobbies tie into writing in same way or another.
  • (Were) you more of a teacher’s pet or a rebel?  
    • I guess…in a way…I was the teacher’s pet.  But I was homeschooled by my dad and it was just me and my sister, who’s three years younger.  He used to pit us against each other and was constantly comparing us.  I was always more studious, the cleaner kid, the nicer girl.  I did everything that was asked of me and never complained.  My sister was the rebel.  Still is.  Now she’s got a house to herself, her own car, and is 100% her own person, so I wonder who really won.
  • If you could be a professional at something, what would it be?
    • I’d love to be a professional author.  But I’d also love to be a stay-at-home mom.  ^_^  I don’t have any kids yet, and the bf and I aren’t planning on marriage until at least grad school, but it’s my happy dream.  ^_^
  • Which time era would you live in, excluding the present and future?
    • Hmmm…if it’s just a visit, the Renaissance.  A lot of neat things happened then, artistically, mathematically, scientifically.  It was just a really innovative time.  But if it’s a one-way trip, I’d say summer 2012.  For…reasons.  >.>
  • Favourite pick-up line? (This one should be good)
    • “Can I be your integral?  ‘Cuz I’d love to get under your curves.  If not, can I be your derivative?  So I can lay tangent to your curves?”  Courtesy of the boyfriend.  We’ve been dating for the past four years.  ^_^
  • What’s your star sign? Does it fit your personality?
    • I am a Sagittarius.  According to I am: “straight forward, intellectual, philosphical, large-hearted, adventurous, tactless, impatient, superficial, inconsistent, and over confident.”  >.>  Um…no, not quite.  I’m probably the most tactful and least straight forward person you will ever meet.  I’m very wary of giving my true opinion unless I offend someone, so I often give vague responses that can be interpreted however.  I’m not at all adventurous and am so consistent that, a few years ago, a friend was worried that I was going to be an easy victim of a mugging or worse (not likely in my town, but her concern was touching).  Face-to-face, I’m not very confident and often second-guess myself (even in my own field) if someone states something contradictory to my knowledge.  I’d like to think I’m intellectual and “large-hearted”, but there are many people much smarter and more generous than I am, and I admire them for it.  I can be a bit impatient, but it depends on the circumstances.  “Philosophical”?  There’s different ways that can be interpreted, but usually it just means that you think deeply about life and seek fundamental understanding.  I don’t think that’s me.  Every now and then, perhaps, but that often gets depressing.  I usually just take things as they come and don’t think to deeply.  🙂  Sagittarius’ are described as “go with the flow” people.  That’s definitely me!  I don’t like planning things, but I can handle pretty much anything that’s thrown at me.

Finally!  Answered all of them!  Now, who should I pass the stick to?  I need 5 to 10 blogs.  Hmmm…

I know Trip’s gotten this before on Eight Cicadas, and LilyShadowWriter as well for her Different Winters, so I’m considering them off limits.  (As much as I’d love to ask them a few questions. :P)  And Ixot’s had it to for the Absolutely Cuckoo ISBI.  So I’m tagging:

  • The Loewe Legacy:  This one’s a little slow with updates, but they’re always worth it (imho).  It’s a legacy of equestrians set in Monte Vista, with little bits of ghostly intrigue here and there.  The family dynamic is really interesting and well-developed.
  • The Paradis Legacy:  Lol!  It’s hilarious!  XD  It’s a legacy of pointy-eared heirs that’s passed through Dragon Valley and Aurora Skies so far.  Plot is more of a play-by-play with plenty of witty commentary.  It’s a really funny read that’ll lift your spirits.  Trust me.  😉
  • Bloodlines:  Hmmm…this is one of the more “serious” legacies I read.  It touches on some more controversial subjects (so head’s up), but I’ve loved it so far.  Updates are pretty regular, and there’s always something going on in that family.  🙂  I believe it takes place in Twinbrooks.
  • The Untouchable Patels:  …I might have to admit to having a favorite here.  The beginning starts off nice enough with just simmer commentary.  But the characters quickly grow from there and snuggle their way into your heart.  It really put me in mind of Alice and Kev, if you’ve ever read that.
  • The November Legacy:  “Nobody cares about you, Vernon.”  Lol!  When Meg and Ixot haven’t updated, I turn to this collection of strangeness for my comedy fix.  Neurotic vampires, what’s not to like?  XD  Takes place in my favorite town, Sunse–erp, nope!  That Town Over There!  XD  Okay, I’ll stop now.
  • who else, who else? Hmm….how about The Amazing Hollander!   I just started reading this because someone linked to it (can’t remember who…my bad)   But it’s already on my Awesome List!  Commentary between Watcher and sims is amazing.  ‘Nuff said.  Check it out!  😉

And now I realize just how secluded I have been.  Only sims 3 blogs and only…6!  Only 6!  T_T   …Screw it!

  • Eight Cicadas!  If you haven’t read this, you need to…be warned though, Trip’s very good at displaying every dark aspect of a character.  I hate them all.  But I also love them to pieces and cry whenever one dies (no joke), no matter their actions while living.  It’s an Immortal Dynasty growing up in Twinbrooks.  The dialogue is amazing and the screenshots are always on point.  So far, updates come in bursts that have left me reading for days to catch up.  It’s a really good story to read while snuggled up with a comfy blanket and some hot tea.  ^_^
  • Different Winters!  Like the above, Lily has some very well-developed characters that you. Will. CRY over!  Updates are few and far between but they are sooooo worth the wait.  Incredibly long and beautifully written with excellent screenshots and emotional moments all over the place.  Each generation is very distinct, which I enjoyed and aspire to do with my Mayfields.  It’s a Differences in the Family Tree story, so it’s covered quite a few of the worlds, and pretty much every stereotypical family dynamic.  Very enjoyable.
  • Absolutely Cuckoo!  Unlike the previous two, this is NOT story driven.  It’s sim driven.  And it’s an ISBI, so it’s driven by completely uncontrolled sims.  As such, there have been some absolutely hilarious moments!  Ah, watcher and sim interaction are the funniest stuff ever.  ^_^  This is one I go back and read different parts every now and then, just because it’s funny.  I believe it’s set in the custom world of Glendalough, and, as previously stated, it’s an ISBI: “I’m Surrounded By Idiots”.

Hah!  Hahahahahaha!  9!  I need to read more…

Okay!  Question time!  For you guys!  😀

  • What is your favorite animal?
  • What is something you’re passionate about?  Something you really believe in?
  • How and when did you first come across the Sims?
  • What’s your preferred means of entertainment: books, movies, videogames, etc?
  • Tea or coffee…or hot cocoa?
  • Favorite food?
  • What is a quality you like in a partner?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • Can you believe it’s not butter?
  • When was the last time you played hookey (from work, school…significant others)?
  • What do you when you sit down to write?  Do you get your mind ready in certain ways?

And that’s all folks!  We will now resume our regularly scheduled program!  ^_^



  1. I almost had a post ready for this and then I accidentally exited the page and WordPress didn’t save a copy. 😦

    Though when it comes to questions, I’m actually quite open to them at any time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate it when that happens! 😦 It usually doesn’t affect me too much because, for chapter posts, I write everything up in a separate file first, then just copy-and-paste. But this past weekend was terrible. I was putting up so many posts and I was tired from traveling and I lost so many posts due to exiting pages and such. XD It was an adventure.

      Most of the time I feel awkward asking people any questions that could be remotely personal. So when I have an excuse like this, I seize it! 🙂 It just makes me feel less intrusive. I’m like that face-to-face, too.


  2. Oh my, the Liebster award! Thank you! It was fun to read your answers, the integral curve pickup line was really cute, even though I don’t get it, lol, because I never took math on that level.

    I’m a Sagittarius too.. although in my case, sadly, I’m a pretty typical Sag.. not terribly diplomatic! lol Instead of evading the questions, I would probably be the one asking the embarrassing questions. True story. Then again, I don’t want to torment anyone, I’m just genuinely interested. Not always an excuse, I know.

    Anyway, off to answer some questions myself! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome! ^_^
      My entire school is basically a giant conglomerate of nerds, so math jokes abound. XD
      Woo! End of the year birthdays! 😀 Don’t be sad! The world needs direct people to kick the rest of us meek things into action! XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for this!! I feel honored 🙂 I’m actually really secretly a nosy person so I like learning more about you through your answers!! I envy your math skills and goodness I can’t blame you for the spider situation! I’m also reaaaally slow to anger to the point where my boyfriend has had to give me lessons on standing up to people and arguing because… I really just can’t be bothered to argue! Oh goodness if the world smiled upon me enough to allow me to earn a living by writing and being a stay at home mom (way down the road, I’m still practically a kid lol) then I would be set.

    Okay! I’m currently doing all this WordPress-ing from an iPad so let’s see if I can make a post in regards to this… If not, I’ll use someones computer when I can!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome! Your blog never ceases to make me smile, so you’ve earned it! ^_^

      My boyfriend too! He’s from New York, so he’s got a certain attitude. He can’t stand it when I let people walk over me. For me, it’s just “meh, sticks & stones”. But to him, he hates it when people abuse other people, even just verbally or emotionally. He’s been a real confidence booster, but it confused a lot of my friends when we got together! Lol! XD

      Yeah, might want to hold off on kids at your age! XD I’m near 23 now, and I’m still waiting until after grad school.

      It’s no rush! I just felt bad, because I’d been gone a while and had made a bunch of posts before even seeing my nomination! Bad Fluffy!

      Liked by 1 person

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