Happy Holidays!

I’d say “Merry Christmas”, but I know there’s people out there who don’t celebrate or celebrate something different and I don’t want to offend you!  Anywho.


From me to you!  ^_^

As a kinda-sorta-maybe-pathetic gift, I have put up some Mayfields for download!  Woo!  Just generation 1.  Let me know if the links aren’t working right or you can’t access them for some reason.  I’ll figure something out.  They’re on Google Drive.  Meh.  >.>

If you’re here looking for a Mayfield update, there’s several back thata way!  I threw ’em all up at once so I hope everything’s in the right order.  The first one is Chapter 2.21 – A Method to the Madness.  I hope you enjoy!  ^_^

May you have Happy Holidays and a Blissful New Year!  ^_^

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