Update things

Hi!  I know!  I’ve missed a few updates!  >.>

Okay, so here’s the deal: I have finally run out of pre-written chapters.  This implies a few things.  One: I have to actually play soon, and I have!  I just haven’t written much.  I’ll have a lovely introduction chapter up soon…ish.  Two: the next chapter will feature the new CC I installed way back when.  Technically, the last chapter did as well, but there were only 2 pictures, so I don’t think anyone noticed.  Three: we’ll be heading to France (if you hadn’t guessed from last chapter).  France will be our last destination before the Mayfields settle down and live normal, aging lives.  So, yay!  I’ll finally wrap up this weird Landgraab Labs plotline thing!  Maybe.  Hopefully.  If things go right in game.  We’ll have to see.  >.<  But I think I can end it!

So…yeah!  France!  I’ve never done any tombs (and only 1 or 2 adventures) in France, so this’ll be exciting!  I love France!  It’s such a pretty vacation world.  And I love the nectar making skill!  Maybe one of the Mayfields will pick that up.  That’d be nice.

Anywho!  I will eventually have Chloe & Thomas up for download since they’re young adults, but not until after the world tour.  I want that done before anything else.  Because…reasons.  >.>  idk  But all of generation 1 are over on the Downloads page now (it’s now up on the menu bar).

Also!  I don’t expect France to take nearly as many chapters as Egypt did.  Egypt basically flushed out the storyline a lot and France should just be tying up loose ends.  Hopefully.  Lucy does have a few wishes revolving around having her first kiss and first romance, so we’ll see if that shakes things up.  Anyway!  I wanted to make a request to my lovely readers (psst…that’s you!), specifically those more gifted with CAS (because I suck).  So, I plan to finish France soon.  I don’t expect it to take long to play or write.  And I’ve wanted to give the Mayfields a dog for a while now.  Because the Diabolicals have cats.  And I don’t really like playing with horses.  They’re…bulky.  And Shaye’s been wishing for a dog.  And I ignore her…poor baby.  T_T

So, if anyone’s interested in sending me a dog for the Mayfields, please upload it somewhere and send me a link!  I like large dogs, but any size will do as long as it’s CC-free.  And please!  No Sparkle Dogs!  The Mayfields will only get one dog, because that’s 7 sims and I do want to have spouses at some point…and having 8+ sims is chaotic at best.  I think it’d be interesting to have Shaye find a dog somewhere along the way and adopt it.  If you have a story to go with your dog, leave it in the bio!  I love stuff like that and I’ll try to work it in!  Mostly I just want to see what you guys come up with.  The dogs in the adoption screen aren’t very interesting and mostly elders.  😦  Maybe I’m just too used to cats.

Again, also!  As an update thingey, Donovan did reach Visa level 3 for Egypt.  So that’s 2 of 3 for his LTW!  I don’t think anyone maxed any skills.  Though everyone’s getting really close!  I think Thomas is lv 9 in Guitar, Lucy’s lv 8 in Photography, Medea’s lv 9 in Martial Arts, Shaye’s lv 8 in Gardening.  Chloe already maxed Logic and is midway through Advanced Technology.  Donovan hasn’t really had a chance to work on skills since I’ve run him ragged through tombs.  But he’s midway through Athletics, Logic & Cooking.

Oh!  And an interesting tidbit for you!  So, for storyline, after paying for their trip to China, the Mayfields money was set to $1.  They’re now well over $200k in the family funds.  Hacking is ludicrous!  It’s not just Chloe though.  Thomas can get an easy few thousand from tips and Shaye’s been finding all the collectables.  So far, we haven’t sold a single relic (or moneybag) and no one’s employed.

Stay tuned for new adventures!  New clothing!  And Mayfields!  XD


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