Update and Things

Okay bad news first. The hardrive on my laptop was damaged and it’s a few key os files that are unreadable now. As a result, it’s hard to turn the laptop on. This means I can’t access my Sims game or writing. This’ll teach me to put chapters up as soon as they’re written. 😉

Good news now! My laptop’s still under warranty, so Lenovo should replace the hdd with no hassle. I can also still access the information on the drive and it’s backing up now, so nothing will be lost. It’ll just be a while before my next post.

As far as things go, this is the best possible outcome. I’ll still be lurking around but won’t say much. Typing on my tablet’s a bitch.

Have a gorgeous day! ^_^



  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that! D= I’m glad you’ll be able to get it replaced though and that nothing will be lost. When your hard-drive gets fried that’s basically the best case scenario.

    Hope you have a gorgeous day too and I’ll see the Mayfield back soon I hope! ^_^

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