Not What You Were Looking For

Hi.  This is NOT a chapter.  Sorry.  Believe me when I say I’m just as disappointed as you.

So, like a month ago, my laptop hardrive gave out.  Lenovo still hasn’t replaced it.  They only just got around to sending me the shipping box.  A shipping box that was partially crushed.  NOT instilling me with confidence, Lenovo!  At this point, I’m really, REALLY tired of dealing with them.  I’m considering just replacing the hardrive myself.  It would void my warranty, but that thing expires this summer anyway.  So what’ve I got to lose?!  I could upgrade to a 1Tb SSD.  Run my Sims off that thing…that’d be so sexy…  ANYWAYS!

This is just to let you know what’s going on.  I WANT to get back to simming, I just CAN’T.

So, figure delivery plus replacement will take about a month, depending from where I get the drive.  And I’m graduating in two weeks, so there’s that.  There’s also roommates moving out and work and D&D and LIFE!  I’m hoping to get posting again in a month. That’ll be the estimate: 1 month.  And I shall return!

See ya then!  ^_^



  1. Hi Fluffy,

    I’m sorry about your trouble with Lenovo. I’ve got a laptop from this brand as well. I remember when I purchased it and first pressed the button, the laptop wouldn’t work. It turned on, but the screen was black and there was a strange noise coming out of the speakers. Luckily, they gave me a new one – also because I have insisted. I didn’t want to send back to fix it. It was a brand new gaming laptop after all and I wanted it working from the very beginning… I hope they do their job and fix yours!

    PS: Good luck with the graduation!!!

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      1. Two years ago, my laptop was the best gaming laptop in the series <1.000€ and it still runs new games pretty well. I'm even able to play The Witcher 3 – not on the ultra high graphics, but it's pretty amazing nonetheless 🙂

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear that! Bf and I got identical Lenovo laptops, mine has worked perfectly for 4 years but his had a bad screen early on. They sent a delivery guy to pick it up within 2 days, and he got it back fixed within a week after that. Sorry you didn’t have such luck – I would have thought their service was the same everywhere!!

    But yay for graduation!! 🙂

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    1. No worries! 🙂 I’ve come into a bit of money recently (tax return), so that’s not an issue, and it’s a simple enough thing to replace a hardrive.

      This whole thing might be related to FedEx. Lenovo said they’d had issues recently getting boxes to customers and they always use FedEx here in the USA. I’m just done. I want my SIMS! Argh!

      And thanks! ^_^ It feels great!


    1. Life happens, nothing anyone can do. It wasn’t too troubling. Frustrating to keep calling unhelpful customer service, but not actually troubling. The harddrive was replaced smoothly, so no harm done. 😉

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