2.37 – Two and a Half Dates

Chloe’s PoV

I checked my phone. 9:45 Medea should be back soon. I glanced over at the couch where Lucy was bouncing up and down and Donovan was biting his nails.

“Oh, I knew it! I just knew it when I first saw them together! Love at first sight!” Lucy sighed dreamily staring off into the distance.

2.37 - pic1

“I bet it’s fine!” Donovan said enthusiastically. “Mead’s super tough! If anyone messed with her, they’d go down just like that!” He tried to snap his fingers for emphasis and failed. He stared in horror at his uncooperative fingers, then seemed to bounce back. “She’s totally fine!”

2.37 - pic2

I could understand his worry. Medea was the first of us to ever actually date. Aside from Thomas. But, for some reason I’d never been able to fathom, he’d chosen to never introduce Darleen to our family. He’d never even mentioned he was dating her to anyone but me, and that was only because I’d stumbled onto them one night at the park. Literally.

I glanced out the back windows. The rain hadn’t let up. If anything, it was coming down harder, and even darker clouds were beginning to gather above the mountains.

2.37 - pic3

“Did she say where she was going?” I asked Lucy.

“Humphrey wanted them to met up at his parents’ country club. They’ll probably stay there for a while, eat, dance, kiss under the moonlight!” Lucy swooned.

2.37 - pic4

Donovan rolled his eyes. “And knowing Mead, she’ll probably watch that new Too Speed, Much Car movie that’s come out.”

Lucy stared at him, aghast. “While she’s on a date?!”

“They’re both gear heads!”

Thomas’s PoV

What a day for the boss to want to talk!  Usually Mr. McGraw was the first out the door. Not tonight. Nope, apparently he’d given me a promotion and wanted to chat about it.

2.37 - pic5

10:03!  “Uh, sir, I’ve gotta run,” I said, walking backwards towards the office door. “Thank you for the raise and I’ll see you tomorrow!” I ran towards the front of the building. Please be there, please be there, please be there!

2.37 - pic6

“You’re still here!” I blurted out before I could stop myself.

“Of course I am!” Darleen snapped. She wasn’t too friendly looking, but she wasn’t glaring anymore. Apparently six hours was enough for her to cool down these days.

An awkward silence descended on us. I didn’t know what to do!  Should I just start talking? Would it be inappropriate to suggest going somewhere more private?

“Are you hungry?” Darleen asked suddenly, shattering my entire train of thought.

My stomach grumbled in response. I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast, and that had been a rushed bagel as I ran down to the city court.

She smirked and jerked her head towards the parking lot. “I know a nice little diner. Good coffee, open 24/7.”

“By all means, lead the way!”

She drove us down to a place called the Flying V. I’ve still got no clue what the V stands for, but it was a nice place right on the beach.

2.37 - pic7

Once we were out of the rain and had placed our orders, Darleen started in on me.

“Now,” she began, unfolding her napkin. “You guys had just left Egypt.”

“Right.” I twiddled my fork, just gathering my thoughts before picking up where I’d left off. “We’d just left Egypt and I’d taken the wheel for a bit…”

Chloe’s PoV

The door burst open, startling poor Lucky. Medea…danced? in through the opening, an even larger grin on her face than earlier this afternoon.

Lucy was upstairs and Donovan was out with Shaye. He’d offered to drive her down to meet a friend.

2.37 - pic8

I was tinkering. I’d finished debugging my code and had uploaded the modifications for my colleagues to peruse. I had moved on to modifying the stove. I was fairly certain I could tweak the intake and rearrange a few minor coils in order for a second set of tubing to be installed in order to make the entire ensemble self-cleaning.

2.37 - pic9

“That should do it,” I murmured, brushing off a few particles of the alloy I had been working with. I turned around as Medea plopped down onto the couch. She sighed contentedly.

“Um, so, uh, how was your, um, date?” I fumbled.

“Fantastic!” Medea exclaimed. “We met up at the Stony Falls Country Club, his parents are members, but he got the opening time wrong! So we stood out in the rain!”

2.37 - pic10

“It was kinda awkward at first, like, I’ve spoken to him before and he’s a cool guy, but never on a date, ya know? Anyway, we just started talking! About anything that entered our minds!”

2.37 - pic11

“He mentioned he’d recently been dating Karri again,” Medea snarled as she said the girl’s name, “But she was being kind of a bitch and screening his friends and shit. Like, who does that?! She’s not good for him! And we talked about this.”

2.37 - pic12

“But we talked a lot. And it was really, really fun!”

2.37 - pic13

“Once the place had opened, Humberto treated us to the bar. Nothing alcoholic! Just some nice drinks. The bartender was fun to watch. He spun bottles and glasses in the air and tossed ‘em behind his back and lots of cool shit!”

2.37 - pic14

“Then we danced! Humberto’s a really good dancer!”

2.37 - pic15

Medea paused and a misty look came over her. “We even slow danced,” she breathed. “It was amazing.”

2.37 - pic16

“I don’t even remember how long we danced! But then the place was closing and we had to move outside. But everything was so damn pretty and perfect and we watched the stars together forever!”

2.37 - pic17

2.37 - pic18

2.37 - pic19

“It was absolutely amazing!” Medea sighed happily and looked up at me. “I’m seeing him again,” she declared.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


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