Two Months Coming

I made a bunch of posts that have been cluttering up your Reader, so let’s go!

First, I’m sorry to say that I missed the Mayfields First Birthday.  😦  It was back in April, around the time Lenovo was being bitchy and final projects were popping up like daisies.  So, Happy Birthday, Mayfields!  We’re celebrating with a new blog theme.  Let me know how it is.

In happier news, I’m pleased to announce that after two incredulous months my laptop is back in working order!  Woo!  I’ve reinstalled my games and mods and everything’s running smoothly.  I haven’t actually loaded up the Mayfields yet.  I’ve been catching up captioning a bunch of Diabolical screenshots.  Turns out two months without something is a good way to rekindle the flame!

Speaking of rekindling (so smooth), last time we left Thomas at the mercy of Darlene Bunch, an old girlfriend and the only woman he’s ever loved.  Unfortunately, he had to leave her behind when the Mayfields took off to China.  Now that he’s back, she’s in search of answers.

Will they wont they

Will they reconcile?  Or part ways forever?  Let’s find out!

2.36 – It’s Still Raining, but I Can See the Sun


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