2.39 – Just the Two of Us Now

Chloe’s PoV

The court case was finalized in late fall of the that year. The court granted us a restraining order against Dr. Funke, and later her son, and the doctor was required to write us a letter of apology. Soon after the case ended, her daughter, Irene Funke, was able to commit Dr. Funke to the local retirement home, Life’s Sunrise Retirement Center. A gated community for the local elder population.

2.39 - pic1

It was another happy day in our lives. I finally completed the new security system, and, with that feat of programming behind me, returned to my previous project.

2.39 - pic2

I was not the only member of our family succeeding, though. Shaye was appreciated by an institution for her extensive knowledge of plants and gardening techniques.

2.39 - pic3

Throughout the months of the case, I was able to observe a dramatic increase in Thomas’s overall mood.

For all my intellectual aptitude, it took me a dismal amount of time before I was able to deduce the source of this happiness.

Thomas’s PoV

After that night in front of the theatre, things changed. I started seeing Darlene more often. We took it slow. Coffee here. Dinner there.

We both had full-time jobs with conflicting schedules, so sometimes it was hard to find even a small moment to be together. She often got off work just as I was heading in. That meant we were constrained to late nights. I can’t count how many times we’d meet up at the park and just watch the stars. But we made it work.

2.39 - pic4

One night, after our usual dinner at Flying V’s, I broke the schedule. It was a beautiful night. The stars were out and the breeze coming over the ocean was tantalizing. I suggested a walk along the beach.

2.39 - pic5

It became another thing we did, a walk along the beach after dinner. Darlene looked best in full moonlight.

2.39 - pic6

It was there on that beach that I finally dredged up enough courage to ask her what we were. Were we friends? Something more? God, how I hoped we were something more!

2.39 - pic7

Darlene, of course, just assumed I knew the answer to that.

2.39 - pic8

And then we were an official couple!

Chloe’s PoV

Thomas wasn’t the only one I had trouble understanding the thought processes behind the actions. Medea also was often out with her chosen partner. I was at the school to judge for a high school programming competition the first time I spied them together.

2.39 - pic9

2.39 - pic10

2.39 - pic11

She seemed happy. As did her young man.

2.39 - pic12

So I left them to it. As long as they didn’t procreate yet, I saw no reason to interfere. I had other things to think of.

“What do you mean you forgot?!” Lucy shrieked. “It’s the most important night of our lives! How could you forget it?!”

“It means I forgot!” Medea roared back. “And it’s not! Or it damn well better not be! If Prom is the most important night, that’s it! I’m outta this ‘life’ shit!”

“But we have to look nice for our Prom photos!”

“Fuck the photos!”

2.39 - pic13

Donovan and I shared a look. “The air quotations are strong in this one,” he whispered.

A small smile slipped onto my face before I could stop it. “Ahem,” I coughed into my hand and straightened my lips. “Do not make this worse than it already is.”

2.39 - pic14

“Prom night?” I pondered upon regaining my composure. “Already?”

“Yeah,” Donovan groused. “It’s supposed to be formal attire, but tuxes suck! They’re so unimaginative! Why can’t guys wear dresses too?”

I blinked. “Is there anything actually stopping you from wearing a dress?”

This gave Donovan pause. “Huh,” he muttered after a moment. “Guess not! Maybe I’ll raid Lucy’s closet later!”

We watched the twins bicker for a few more minutes, neither of us really wanting to get involved. Lucy was being passive-aggressive and Medea was just being…aggressive.

“Hey, Chloe!”


“How was your Prom night?”

Memories flashed through my mind of upended punch bowls and barricaded restroom stalls. “Uh, no.” I shook my head to clear the thoughts away. “It was…something…else. It was Prom.” I grimaced.

2.39 - pic15

Donovan shrugged, smirked and walked away. I felt it pertinent to do the same.

Later that night, we all waited in the living room for the designated limo to come and take Lucy, Medea and Donovan back to the high school for Prom night. Medea was attending with her boyfriend Humberto Wolff and Lucy was going with Donovan, as neither of them had managed to secure a date.

“Hey, you could meet you true love there,” Thomas tried to cheer Lucy up.

She visibly brightened. “Maybe!” She chewed on her pinky nail. “I wonder if Sky will show up…”

“Hey, Chloe!” Thomas called to me. “I’m heading out! I’ll be out late!”

“Darlene again?” Medea jeered. She and Donovan snickered as Thomas turned red.


2.39 - pic16

“Anyway! I’m out! Enjoy Prom, guys!”

The limo arrived shortly after Thomas left and my younger siblings piled into it. Then the house was silent.

I glanced down out Lucky.

“I believe it is just the two of us, now.”


2.39 - pic17

The lot pictured at the beginning of this chapter really is the Sunrise Retirement Center.  It was made by Simsimillian over on ModTheSims.  I stash elderlies here in the hopes they won’t snap up the young people.  I set the lot so no one can move out of it and all seems to go well!

Speaking of young people, for those of you who play Sunset Valley, what do you think of Sam Sekemoto?  Chloe’s taken a shine to him.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


    1. Finally! Here’s to hoping nothing else comes up!

      Sam is pretty cute. Has he ever had kids in your game? If so, with who and how cute were they? I put great stock in the cuteness of spawn. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  1. So much love in this chapter! I’m happy things are working out for most of the Mayfields! Let’s hope those who are single will catch up on their sibling soon 😉 Lucky is such an adorable dog! The retirement center is a great idea!!! It would be great seeing what happens behind its walls someday… Elders can be lots of fun 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Usually I try to pair my sims off before I let them move out, but this time I was just going to let them do whatever. Lucy’s got all sorts of wishes associated with first love and such, so I knew I’d find someone for her. But then Medea blindsided me with finding herself a Vehicle Enthusiast boyfriend. It’s been really interesting watching those two. They’re adorable!
      Donovan might remain single while he’s in the house, unless he shows interest in someone. I’m still trying to decide if I’ll let him go or not. He’s the only family cook. :/

      Chloe has to at least have a kid at some point. And that kid MUST be cute! MUST! I don’t know if she’d get married though. I’ve got two baby daddies picked out right now. One is Sam Sekemoto, best friend of Thomas, and the other is Malcolm Langraab, ONLY friend (outside of the family) of Chloe. Not sure which to go with yet, but I’ve got something else preoccupying me for the moment. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never played either family (Sekemoto/Landgraab) until the point to make babies, so I cannot really advise you on the cute genetics dilemma… Sorry 🙂

        I would be so sad to see Donovan go. He’s special and I’m sure he’d make also a great babysitter in case Chloe would have to leave her future kids home alone. Yep. Uncle Donovan could be definitely fun!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. No worries! Just curious.

          If Chloe doesn’t marry (which I don’t happening with her personality), Donovan will DEFINITELY stick around. It’s if she does marry that I’m wondering about.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry for the comments and likes wave, I was catching up the whole day just with multiple windows opened and without Internet, so I am now copying what I wrote in my notebook.
    Medea and Thomas seem to be so happy with their significant others. That’s lovely, I’m sure that, as the time passes, every Mayfield may eventually find someone for them. Lucky is such a cutie.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, I laughed so hard at Chloe’s ‘”procreating” comment!! That side of her kinda reminds me of a less nerdy/more cool female version of Sheldon Cooper, haha!!
    I’d love to see Donovan in a dress if he feels like wearing it! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XD Chloe would need the Socially Awkward trait to truly be Sheldon, but she’s close!

      Dude! Right?! That’s the only thing I want from the Sims 4 in the Sims 3: the ability to dress any gender in anything!

      Liked by 1 person

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