2.41 – And Time Goes On

Chloe’s PoV

Time passed, as it tends to do.

No one was surprised when Thomas proposed to Darlene. Just as no one was surprised when she said yes. They set a date for next winter. Darlene wouldn’t be able to take time off until then and Thomas wanted time to start saving up a nest egg for their own house.

In the meantime, Medea, Lucy and Donovan celebrated their eighteenth birthdays.

2.41 - pic1

2.41 - pic2

They all managed to graduate the following spring. Though none of them were called Valedictorian, they all graduated with Highest Honors.

Graduation - Medea MayfieldGraduation - Lucy MayfieldGraduation - Donovan Mayfield

2.41 - pic3

I was extremely proud of them. Our parents would have been, as well.

After graduation, Medea, Lucy and Donovan all worked on their individual pursuits. Medea took up training the local police force in martial arts, being an actual master of the art and originally taught in China. She enjoyed “whipping” the force back into shape.

2.41 - pic4

Lucy took up employment with the art museum, capturing life through a lens, as well as on canvas. With her talent, she quickly secured many promotions and raises. The Mayor even held a celebration in her honor, presenting her with the Photographer’s Key to the City. I am not entirely sure of the meaning of this prestige, but Lucy tells me that essentially gives her access to anywhere in town to take photographs. Interesting.

2.41 - pic5

Donovan had achieved his life’s dream by getting to explore the entire world. But he had many other pursuits to keep him busy. He’d taken a liking to computer logic and was forever asking me questions about it. At some point he took a few classes on cooking, but had learned far too much to really benefit from them. An institution in France apparently recognized him for it. And once he’d learned everything I could teach him about logic, he employed himself in studying the supernatural. Of course he did.

2.41 - pic6

Shaye still had her garden and was still making nectar. She had recently been approached by some regional farmers and local chefs about growing some kind of ‘uncommonly good’ produce.

2.41 - pic7

Shaye had also taken to dating a few people. I say dating. She fooled around. But no one seemed to get hurt, so I left it alone. Out of everyone aside from Thomas, Shaye seemed to know the most about love and life. Medea occasionally asked Shaye for advice before storming off in disgust. Lucy always got confused whenever she talked to Shaye about the subject of relationships.

But it seemed to work with Shaye. She seemed to be in several steady not-quite relationships with men and women alike. They all seemed to know each other and get along. But they seemed to be more friends than lovers. Shaye’s group seemed to all be good friends that were more intimate with one another than usual.

2.41 - pic8

But when I saw Thomas and Darlene together…it was obvious they were completely committed to each other. No one could make Thomas’s eyes light up the way they did when Darlene smiled at him. I have often admitted to myself that I am not the best in emotional situations. But even I could see his utter dedication to her. I didn’t know Darlene as well, but it seemed like she really did love him. It was cute.

2.41 - pic9

Both situations of intimate interaction seemed to function perfectly. It was fascinating!

As for myself, I’d recently received an incredibly intriguing request.

2.41 - pic10

Very intriguing.

I have no idea why I didn’t post this last week.  But here it is now!

A note real quick, I’ll probably shift my blog update schedule to Mondays.  I’m running a D&D group on Fridays and I can’t seem to prep for both.  So, blog updates are shifting to accommodate.  So check back real soon!

Medea, Lucy and Donovan are all up for download now!  And I’ve been slowly revamping the Family Album pages, so check those out!  😉

Also, at some point, Chloe maxed the Inventing skill.  She just kept wishing to, so I let her.  Now she’s getting some interesting opportunities!  And so is Shaye!  OMG!  I’ve never had an OmniPlant before!  😀

Note that second-to-last image.  It’s important.  😉

Thanks for reading!  ^_^



  1. Lol, I like Shae’s romantic set-up. She and her friends are all a big happy poly-amorous family.
    Of course, Thomas only has eyes for Darlene! They’re cute together.
    Hopefully Chloe finds someone soon as well. Although, I feel like she’d have really high intellectual standards for whoever she’ll date.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw all the kids are doing so great! I think all of their careers and relationships are very fitting to their characters. And ooooh more Chloe adventures? I hope so!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m really intrigued about Chloe’s Master Invention… I have never gotten this opportunity myself, so it’ll be very interesting to see what she’s actually going to build 🙂

    It’s so cool that Shaye found many same-spirited friends to hang out with, I really like this flower child. Donovan the ghost hunter? Wow. I haven’t seen this coming. At all. Medea’s lesson at the police station would have been hilarious in the real life – can you imagine an 18 yrs old kid that teaches the way of the SimFu to some middle-aged butts? Just hilarious 😀

    Lucy surely knows the way around her camera. Does that mean she’s actually already fulfilled her LTW or has she ‘only’ mastered the photography skill?

    As for Darlene and Thomas – I’m wondering what will come first? Babies? Wedding? I guess I should just keep reading…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh wow, the photographer’s key to the town! How cool! Well done Lucy! Not exactly mediocre in my book. They are all doing so well! LOL, Chloe’s POV.. she’s so weird.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations for the young graduates, they all have bright futures ahead of them. I had to laugh at Donovan’s Most Likely To Take Over The World- look at the adventures, his lifetime wish and that he is an alien, lol. Shaye has such an interesting love life, doesn’t she? Yay, can’t wait for babies 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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