Meet Darlene Thompson

I put up a couple of actual chapters back a ways, so read those first!

This is the lovely Darlene Thompson (Bunch)!

Gen2 Spouse Card - Darlene Bunch

She’s got an interesting array of traits: Brave, Daredevil, Unlucky, Childish & Diva.  She comes with the LTW of International Super Spy and, lucky for me, is already situated in the law enforcement career.  Her favorites are: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, the color Purple, and Kids music, which is good as she’ll be listening to it quite a lot.

Bad news:  she’s 3 days away from Adulthood.  But I kind’ve expected this.  Thomas isn’t too far from aging up either.  Nor is Chloe.  >.<

Good news!  She’s already pregnant!  XD  She and Thomas did quite a lot of Risky Woohoo autonomously.  I guess that makes sense now, since Darlene’s a Daredevil.  One of those took and she came to the wedding pregnant.  My first clue was that she was wearing different formalwear.  I like Darlene’s formalwear, it’s black & frilly & short, but not very appropriate for a wedding.  She came in wearing a white gown.  I chalked it up to a visit to the stylist.  But once she’d moved in, I found a rather intriguing moodlet on her.  😉

She & Thomas will be sticking around until she completes her LTW, as I’ve never done the International Super Spy before.  And because I want to see their babies!  And there will be BABIES!  Hopefully multiples…

I’ll probably do this for each partner I bring into the family.  Or if I bring someone in that has a lot of traits already, like a step-child or something.



  1. I love the way story progression keeps on surprising us! The best Sim moments happen at random, don’t they? It’s good to hear Thomas and his brand new prego wife will stay in the house for some time!

    Btw – was that note about ‘the stepchild or something’ a hint or something? Now I wonder who is old enough to actually have a child… Could it be? Hmm…

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