2.44 – Surprise After Surprise

Thomas’s PoV

“C’mon! Just five fucking minutes! I won’t get another opportunity!”

“Darlene! No! You heard the doctor! You’re on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy! You can’t go running out to play in the snow! I don’t care if it’s the last snowfall of winter!” I sighed and rubbed a hand over my face. Sometimes she acted like a small child.

Darlene glared at me, but finally slumped down on the couch. “Fine.” She huffed again, trying to make her displeasure as obvious as possible, as if it wasn’t already.

I sighed again. “I’ll set up a movie for you, okay?” Another “harumph” was the only response.

I headed for the stairs, trying to remember where Donovan kept all those foreign adventure DVDs.


“Yeah, hun?”

“I love you.”

I smiled at her. “And I love you.” She was a difficult person sometimes, and pregnancy hadn’t made that side of her personality any better, but she wouldn’t be Darlene without it. And I loved every facet of my girl.

2.44 - pic1

Chloe’s PoV

“You’re humming,” Shaye drawled. It was the first sound she’d made since she came down to the basement a few minutes before.

I paused in my work. “Am I? Sorry.”

Shaye shrugged and slumped against the wall, watching as I resumed my research. “Ya know, Luce might have a point.”

“Indeed? Of what?” The structural integrity of this region should be reinforced, that should stabilize the…no. Drat.

2.44 - pic2

“You and Morty,” Shaye responded matter-of-factly.

My hand supporting me slipped from the desk and my tools went flying. “What?!” I spluttered, trying to snatch parts back up while righting myself.

Shaye grinned at me. “Nothing to be ashamed of! You like him. He likes you.”

2.44 - pic3

“Of course I like him! He is my very good friend! Of the kind I haven’t had since elementary school!” I could feel my face heating up. Illogical! Calm down!

Shaye shook her head slowly. “Naw, man. This is something else.” She stood up and stretched her lanky frame. “This is one of those things you gotta not think about. Leave the brain out of it, and just let nature take its course. It knows what its doing.”

2.44 - pic4

I scowled at her. “Please allow me to return to my work.”

2.44 - pic5

She chuckled, winked at me, then headed back upstairs. Midway up the stairs, she stuck her head back down. “Hey, Chloe?”

“What!” I snapped my pencil in frustration and sighed deeply. “What.”

“Morty’s at the gate for you.”


I scrambled together, shoving papers and pencils in drawers before dashing upstairs. “Where—?”

Medea burst out laughing. “I told you!” she crowed. “I told you that’d get her outta her hole!”

“Oh. Very funny.” God damnit. I sighed. “If my presence is required, simply state so.”

Medea grinned. “But that’s not nearly as—”

A scream of pain jolted us all. Lucky immediately started whining and crying.

“That came from—” I began, but Shaye had already taken off towards the living room, where Thomas had left Darlene bundled on the couch watching the kids channel.


2.44 - pic6

Darlene was in labor, that much was obvious. But I had no idea what to do.

“Should we call an ambulance?” Donovan asked, looking about as panicked as I felt.

Shaye took over. “Get the nursery prepped!” she directed me and Donovan while grabbing Darlene’s coat and overnight bag. “I’ll take her to the hospital. And somebody call Thomas!”

Shaye got Darlene out to the car, even if Darlene insisted on driving her own police cruiser.

2.44 - pic7

While Donovan and I ran about finishing setting up the cribs and unpacking baby clothes, Medea called Thomas.

Thomas’s PoV

I was at work when I got the call from Medea. She’d sounded panicked. She was crying. All she’d managed to say was that Darlene was at the hospital, but I’d already hung up and was on my way out.

I got to hospital just as Shaye was helping Darlene up the steps. Every few seconds Darlene would freeze, tremble and cry. My heart just about broke.

“Darlene! Honey! Are you okay? What’s wrong?!”

Shaye shoved a hand over my mouth. “Doctor first. Questions later. Move it!”

I followed my sister and wife into the hospital for the longest night of my life.

2.44 - pic8

It was going on three am when I finally got any news from the doctors, and that was only to tell me that Darlene was fine and they were expecting the babies any minute.

Everything’s fine. They’ve got it. She’s got this. Darlene’s the toughest woman I know. She’s got this. But I’d read all the baby books, especially once we’d found out she was expecting twins. Everything that could go wrong was doubled for twins. Chance of infant death, chance of mother death, everything.

Then a nurse came out to tell me that there was a high chance of triplets.

“Oh, god, what’ve I done?!”

2.44 - pic9

At five am, they finally let me see her. She was tired, half-asleep. But she smiled at me. I grabbed her hands and just held on. “You’re okay!”

“Congratulations, Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Thompson!” The nurse beamed at us.

Darlene struggled to sit up. “My babies?”

“All fine! Very healthy considering everything!”

“Huh? Everything what? What?”

“Oh, turns out your wife here was carrying quadruplets!”

“What?” I’m a fatherto quadruplets

2.44 - pic10

Quadruplets. It’s all I could think as I filled out paperwork to discharge Darlene and the babies. I couldn’t even think of names. Darlene finally slept while I tried to keep myself together.

Shaye was a godsend. While I was freaking out and breaking down in equal parts, Sahye was just…Shaye. She kept on doing what need to be done with the laziest grace ever. She called Chloe to get two more cribs, brought in food, and helped me pull four names off that list Darlene and I had come up with. Two girls, two boys. That’ll work. Quadruplets. Oh, god.

They released Darlene and our babies later that evening. And we finally went home.

2.44 - pic11

Right after bringing in the baskets, Darlene was out like a light again. She deserved the rest. Four babies.

I stood in the nursery, just looking over all of them. My children. Mine & Darlene’s.


2.44 - pic12


2.44 - pic13


2.44 - pic14


2.44 - pic15

All safe, all healthy. We were so lucky. Most multiple births don’t go nearly as well. I crawled into bed and cuddled up next to my wife. I let out a long sigh and finally smiled. I’m so lucky.

2.44 - pic16

2.44 - pic17

Quadruplets!  It’ll be fine.  IT’LL BE FINE!  *hyperventilating*

The naming scheme isn’t really a secret: the quadruplets were named after both sets of grandparents.  I wasn’t going to do that, but Thomas strikes me as the kind of guy who would do that.  His mother did pass away when he was a teenager.

Thomas’s kids have been added to the Family Album.  It’s a bit spoilery, as it shows their toddler pictures, but what the hell.  Darlene also has her own family bio.  Its not as extensive as that of the born family members, but I’ve only just started to get a handle on her personality.

After this chapter, I’m hoping time will start passing quicker.  We’ll see birthdays and moving and, maybe, more babies!

Thanks for reading!  ^_^



    1. Yeah…I was hoping for twins, then the third came and I was like “cool! Exhausting, but cool!”…then the fourth baby popup happened…I didn’t even think that was possible! To be fair, Darlene spent her every waking moment with the Kids station blaring and the cartoons playing! And as a plus, every grandparent was honored! 😀

      Shaye really is! I don’t really pay much attention to her, everyone else is a lot needier, so she’s usually on free will. She gets up, eats & showers, gets the quadruplets up and ready, tends her garden, tends the babies again, plays with Lucky, then gets everyone to bed. She’s pretty awesome! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Holy crap, quadruplets?? 😮 GOOD LUCK!! I feel bad though, I did kind of laugh at Thomas’ panic. It’s just he’s so cute! But I’m very excited to see what the kiddos are like and ALSO this Morty/Chloe situation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The quadruplets aren’t so bad, actually. But I think that’s due to I already kinda went through this. At one point, Shaye, Medea, Lucy & Donovan were all toddlers at the same time, and that was back when I was stupid enough to be playing on epic life spans! XD There’s a lot more adults around this time, and most of them are either unemployed or work from home. Only Thomas and Darlene ever really leave for work now, and Thomas has great hours for child-rearing!

      Don’t feel bad! I adore laughing at Thomas’s fate! But he’s also a darling, constantly rolling wishes to teach ALL of them ALL their skills. And he’s getting close! 😀

      Morty/Chloe have taken a bit of a backseat while I worked out a schedule for the quadruplets (Pro Tip: always stagger sleep times so you never have to deal with all of them all at once). But they get their share of fun later on. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations!!! I’ve only had triplets once in all these years I’ve been playing this game, but quadruplets? Is it really possible? Well, to prevent this from happening to me I’m going to make sure none of my future prego Sims listens to kids’ music or watches the Kids’ channel for more than 1 sim hour. I don’t think I’d be able to handle this, you’ve got my admiration, Fluffy!

    It’s cool none of the grandparents can be offended… Can’t imagine what would happen if it were triplets, LOL 😀 Good luck with the babies!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Four babies? That’s a hella lot of work. I wouldn’t ever attempt to have that many babies in my game. Ever! The most I had was triplets and never. again. I will never do it again. Oh well, good luck. What about Mortimer and Chloe? More babies?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, after three or four failed attempts to read that chapter due to a horrible connection at our hotel, I finally did it! And it was worth it!
    Oh man… quadraplets??! How the hell are Thomas and Darlene going to cope? And now that Chloe’s in love, could that mean more babies? The horror!! 😣 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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