2.47 – Moving Day

SimNaWriMo is messing with my head.  I’m writing like mad for both the Mayfields and the Diabolicals, but I’m only posting for the Diabolicals.  Maybe I’ll just post for the Mayfields as well…hmmm.

Just in case, be prepared for your feed to be overrun by Mayfield chapters.

Thomas’s PoV

The quadruplets’ birthday finally arrived. Everything had been a whirlwind up to this point. I’d ran around all over town, signing homeowner’s agreements, ordering cakes and ballons, signing up my kids for school this fall, ordering furniture for the new house and packing everything else up. It was hectic, to say the very least.

But worth it to see them grow up.

Suzy. She’s a brave kid, just like her mother and brother Jackie. That’s not to say she doesn’t cause trouble. I’ve found that she’s usually the instigator. She has my coloring and her mom’s gorgeous looks.

2.47 - pic1

Jack. I could barely pull him out of bed to blow out his candles! I had to resort to just bodily carrying him into the living room. He inherited his grandmother Judy’s hair, my eyes and Darlene’s face and figure.

2.47 - pic2

Bunny. Right after cake and ice cream, I found Bunny outside trying to scale one of the house pillars because, and I quote, “Suzy said I couldn’t!” This kid’s gonna be a handful, I just know it. She’s also got my coloring and her mom’s features. She and Suzy look the most alike. Almost like twins!

2.47 - pic3

Judas. I knew right where to find him. Over in the corner, his nose stuck in a book. He’s my calmest kid. Thank god. He gets a lot from me, but he’s got Darlene’s small face and pale skin. Poor kid tends to burn easily.

2.47 - pic4

It was a bit of a rushed affair. After cake and ice cream, the guests all left and the kids played around the house. Darlene and I finished packing up my mom van. At least it’s blue.

“You got the rest of this?” I gestured to the last boxes from our bedroom. Old bedroom, I corrected myself.

“Sure do!” Darlene flexed her muscles. God she’s sexy!

2.47 - pic5

“I love you.” I stole a quick kiss then went to find Chloe.

“I’ll miss you.” I pulled Chloe into a bear hug. She’s my sister. My best friend. And my literal partner in crime. Speaking of which… “You’ll be okay on your own?”

She nodded. “I’ll have Shaye and I know the pizza delivery number by heart.”

I chuckled and ruffled her blonde curls. “Take care of yourself.” Then I smirked. “And you might what to make a move on Morty soon!” Her red face was priceless!

“Alright, kids!” I shouted out the back door. “It’s time to go!”

“But, Dad!”

“No buts!” Darlene appeared beside me. “Go line up!” she hollered. “We’re setting out soon!”

The kids scrambled to obey, practically launching themselves at the couch. Bunny actively leaped over it. In a few moments they went from outrageous hellions to well-mannered children chatting orderly on the couch. I shook my head and grabbed another box.

2.47 - pic6

Once the last box was shoved into the back of the car, the kids and Darlene piled into the vehicle. I hugged my sisters one last time, promises to visit often were made, then we left.


Thomas’s Accomplishments:


Darlene’s Accompishments:


The Achievement Wall of Thomas & Darlene Thompson:


Thanks for reading and happy simming! ^_^


  1. The children are very cute, I love their personalities! I’m a little sad we won’t be seeing Thomas anymore, considering we read mostly his and Chloe’s pov, but I guess it was time to move on.
    Maybe we’ll be seeing more of Mortimer now! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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