2.48 – Oops

Sorry for being a day late.  I was cranking out posts for the Diabolicals for SimNaWriMo.  I got 10 out!  Gold pen thingy!  Woo!  It was a successful Halloween!  ^_^

And in case it upsets anyone, here’s a warning for talks of abortion.


Carry on.

Chloe’s PoV

I was right. The house was incredibly empty once Thomas and his family moved out. But I kept myself busy. I got back to working late nights at the office and was rewarded for my efforts.


Shaye tended to her garden and Lucky. Lucky became her top priority, which, I suppose, makes sense. And I’ve seen that’s she’s finally been training him, which is good.


Shaye has also been mentioning something about planting perfect specimens. She wants to grow the most “straight from Mother Earth” produce around. She’s been redesigning her garden to that goal. At least, I think she is. She said something about redirecting the “flow lines of Earth’s energy” to all her plants. Then she ate a leaf. I’ll never understand her.

I believe eating those strange plants is starting to affect Shaye’s mind. What am I saying? They’re starting to affect her mind more. Just a few weeks ago she came home covered in soot and slime and kept carrying on about some hallucination she’d had about lightning and a zombie bear, of all things. She did seem pleased with some kind of seed she’d found.


My, strangely enough, social life has improved. That’s not very strange since there aren’t any children in the house eating up everyone’s time. What’s strange is that I actually have a social life. But I do.

Mortimer seems to have made it his mission to get me out of the house. We always go somewhere every weekend. Usually somewhere with a lot of people. Just last week we attended some kind of nighttime rally. I’m still not sure what that was about.


The police were even dispatched at some point! Fortunately, Mortimer hasn’t insisted that I attend another rally. I much prefer Sim Fests.


Rallies aren’t even the strangest thing Mortimer has taken me to. A few weeks ago we visited his elderly aunt, sister of his mother, Ms. Agnes Crumplebottom. That had been…interesting. I felt awkward throughout the entire thing. Everything was incredibly clean, well-kept and expensive. That kind of expensive that means your family’s had it for generations. I was afraid to touch anything.

It made me realize what very different worlds Mortimer and I come from. I grew up in a very small house where I shared a room with my brother and our other four siblings shared the other room. By comparison, Mortimer’s family is incredibly wealthy. On both sides.



Mortimer insisted I attend his family’s reunion this past weekend.

Sim Fests and rallies are one thing, but a family reunion? Perhaps this means we’re much closer than I first anticipated? Or perhaps I’m drawing faulty conclusions. But he did take me to meet his aunt which, if Lucy is to be believed, is a clear indication that he likes me. I’m not sure though.

It was at this reunion that I was formally introduced to Mortimer’s brother, Titus. He’s something of a playboy, but Mortimer dotes on him. I can certainly understand why he’s so popular.


I also met Mortimer’s cousins, Ms. Crumplebottom’s children. Two sets of twins by different fathers. Mortimer says she never got over her first husband who, apparently, never lived long enough to give her children.


Mortimer and I have become much closer. Since the house has been all but emptied he’s over here nearly every day. We talk, play games, and cook. Well, he cooks. Deliciously as well! Cooking seems to be his passion.


There was one day in particular. Or evening, rather. A few months ago. We were downstairs chatting over a bottle of nectar. Shaye had taken Lucky to the dog park if I remember correctly. It was very cozy. I felt very secure. His family is rather stressful, but Mortimer is always relaxed and amiable. He makes me relax and slow down.

Well, after a bit, we moved on from simple chatting to cuddling and then, well, to more intimate pursuits.


One thing lead to another and, well…




I don’t regret it. I…I’m thrilled that he is attracted to me! Because I’m very attracted to him.

However…for the past few weeks I’ve been feeling ill.


At the beginning, I thought it was a simple flu virus. But it persisted. It was Thomas who convinced me to see a doctor.

It seems I’m pregnant. Nearly two months along. And I haven’t noticed!


I haven’t left my room for the last five days.

I don’t know what to make of this.

I just don’t.

My genius has abandoned me for less fertile pastures.


In all my life, I’ve never pictured myself with children. Perhaps a few cats, but never children. Seeing Thomas with his children only cemented that thought in my head. Children are a nuisance. They are time-consuming, money-consuming and I’d just really rather not! At least not right now. Perhaps in a few years. But right now I’m at my intellectual peak! There’s still so much to do! I don’t have time for an infant right now!

That settles it. I’m getting an abortion.

The only question that remains: do I tell Mortimer?

So, Chloe ended up pregnant after some Risky Woohoo.  At this point though she had met Emit Relevart, the Time Traveler.  And I was seriously considering having the next head of the family have his genes.  So I was considering ending her pregnancy via MasterController.

For those that don’t know, this family story is passed down through firstborns.  So, you see, the father of Chloe’s firstborn is incredibly important to me.  Having the Time Traveler as the father could be interesting.  I’ve also been wanting to do some Into the Future stuff and this could be the ticket.

However, as you’ll see next time, some things happened to change my mind.  Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. Wow! I didn’t know Sims could woohoo in the bot making station! That’s a nice surprise 😀

    I loved the bit about the Goth family and Agnes Crumplebottom. I’ve probably already told you that I enjoy reading about EA-created Sims so much! It’s really fun seeing the differences in their lives through various stories… the possibilities are endless… Reminds me of a lesbian version of Agnes in one of my favorite legacies. LOL

    I’m curious what made you change your mind about the first baby daddy. Emit sounds like a great idea if you want to explore the future, but Mortimer is just so… Goth!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oops indeed! I hope she keeps the child. Not only does Mortimer is very handsome and I’m sure will have great genes, I’d hate to see them break apart, they’re so cute together!
    That time traveller idea seems very interesting though!

    Liked by 1 person

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