2.50 – 36

Chloe’s PoV

“I don’t recall Darlene being this ill,” I mumbled before heaving into the toilet again. Mortimer rubbed my back and made small sounds that were strangely comforting.

The morning sickness had resolutely stuck with me through the entire pregnancy. Darlene had felt fine after a few weeks! She had also birthed quadruplets…but still!

While she had been fine, I was confined to the house for many months. As such, I spent much of my pregnancy reading grumpily.


Mortimer did get me to smile on occasion though.


During the months, I did warm up to the idea of having a child with Mortimer. I was still incredibly apprehensive about the actual birthing procedure, but seeing Mortimer so happy and excited over this child…it was endearing.

While Mortimer was perfectly happy with just having a child of his own, I found myself wanting a boy. I don’t really understand why. To wish for one or the other gender was rather illogical. It wasn’t like I had any control over it. But, then again, many of the thoughts I’ve had during this pregnancy have been extremely illogical.


Yet another item to add to the illogical list were my cravings. I’ll admit, that was another thing I’d been dreading. Darlene had eaten some of the most disgusting things while pregnant. However, most of my cravings involved apples. Apple pancakes, apple pie, apple juice, apple cider, apple tarts, and just plain apples. Delicious! Mortimer was more than happy to keep me well-supplied.


Aside from morning sickness, I think my pregnancy went a lot smoother than Darlene’s. Of course, that may be due to that I’m only having one baby. She had four. Not a day goes by that I don’t relish in the fact that I’m not that fertile.

Something my doctor, Mortimer and Thomas all insisted on was that I take daily walks during the first few months. It was supposed to help with blood circulation, which, seeing as I do quite a lot standing or sitting in one position for hours at a time, was necessary. However inconvenient.


You would think with so much more of the outside I was seeing, I would have more interaction with Shaye. But, outside of gardening, I found that she didn’t actually spend much time at home.


She had many friends that she constantly visited, and they would all attend various outdoor concerts and Sim Fests.


Shaye also volunteered at the children’s ward of the hospital quite frequently.


At some point, Shaye took a small satchel and said she was going to “commune with nature”. She would, occasionally, answer her phone when I called though. Using her phone’s GPS, I deduced that she was camping out in the mountains. I have no idea why. I never understand anything Shaye does.


I spoke with Lucy a lot, seeing as she was also pregnant. She wanted a girl and I never heard Glen’s opinion as he was always working when I visited. She was a few months further along than me and due any day now.

Another person I maintained contact with was Thomas. He was a wealth of information, having already been through everything with Darlene. He gave plenty of tips on child rearing, including which products to buy and what symptoms to watch out for. I had taken to keeping a pen and notepad handy nearby whenever I called him.

Mortimer visited the house quite often. Usually he would come by and check on me right after his work shift ended, not even taking the time to change out of his uniform.


He would, more often than not, stay the night. He would make dinner and breakfast, then leave for work later in the morning.

This turned out to be a great convenience as my water broke late in the evening on the last day of May at 36 weeks along.


I panicked, I can admit that. During the months leading up to that point I’d convinced myself that I was prepared. I could do this. In that moment though, every fear came flooding back. It didn’t help matters that Mortimer freaked out just as much as I did.

But how could we not panic? It was too soon! Much too soon.


The pain was nearly unbearable. All I could think was, This is it. This is how I die.


I couldn’t move, everything hurt too much. I was afraid I’d end up having this baby at home, no doctors, no nurses, no blessed anesthetic. Fortunately, Mortimer came together and got me into the car.

“You’ll be okay?” he whispered.

“Drive,” I ground out. “Just drive!”


I have never regretted living so far outside of town more than that night. The drive seemed to take forever, even though I’m 86% certain that Mortimer was speeding.

But finally, finally! We arrived at the hospital. Some older man freaked out when another contraction swept through me. Mortimer ignored him and lead me into the hospital, reminding me to breathe.


The last thing I saw before the anesthetic made its way through my system was Mortimer’s face. He kissed the top of my head and whispered that he would “make things right”. Then I was whisked away through a set of doors.


At 4:56 am on the first of June, my son was born. He was almost immediately taken and examined by the doctor. Fortunately, he was a healthy baby.


My mind was incredibly fuzzy at the time, I sensation I greatly despise, but before I knew it, Mortimer was at my side and showing me our infant son.

We had, of course, discussed names previously. But nothing had ever presented itself as appropriate. But now here he was, our son, and he needed a name.

We decided on Anthony.  Mortimer insisted on paying homage to my mother and his father.  I simply liked the sound of “Anthony”.

Anthony Elliot Gunther Mayfield.


Tony for short.


What ever could Shaye be up to?  😉

Little Tony’s family tree:


Sadly, neither set of grandparents have lived long enough to meet Tony.  😦  He does have many aunts and uncles, a great aunt, and several cousins, so Tony’s not hurting for family to spoil him.  😉

And yes, at this point Chloe and Mortimer are engaged.  Chloe had actually just finished proposing when she went into labor.  XD  I was actually thrown off at how fast Chloe’s pregnancy seemed to go by.  I was sure it had only been a sim day when she went into labor. But I was looking back through my pictures for this chapter, and nope, she was definitely pregnant for the full three days.  I just wasn’t paying attention.

Mortimer is a very interesting sim.  He was there when Chloe went into labor.  I was going to have Chloe have a home birth because I was wondering what the difference was, but Mortimer insisted on taking her to the hospital.  He’s not in the household, so I couldn’t stop him, but I found the action very sweet.  And then he waited outside the hospital, thinking about weddings!  It was incredibly adorable!  ❤

Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. Ayyyy I did it! Finally caught up! I started on the Mayfields a while ago and stopped around Chapter 2.30, but I’m back and I’ve just finished reading the whole thing and it’s lovely 🙂 I’m so glad Chloe decided to keep the baby after all. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed when Lucy moved out – she was always my favourite. But lately, Chloe’s been growing on me. Great story! I can’t believe I didn’t finish it sooner 😮


    1. Woo! I’m glad you enjoy it! Yeah, Lucy’s always been a sweetheart, but who was I to stand in the way of true love? I just had to marry and move her out with Glen when I discovered they shared the Hopeless Romantic trait.

      Thanks for reading & commenting! 😀


    1. Glad you approve! Mortimer is absolutely the perfect man! Reminds me of my partner, actually. 😉
      I do wish the Sims had actually differences in babies rather than blue or pink burritos. I’ve actually been thinking about installing this mod, just to change things up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are one lucky woman, Fluffymao! I wish my boyfriend was more family oriented… if I were to recreate him in the game I would have to give him the Dislikes Children trait :-/

        I gave a look at the mod and it looks definitely more realistic even though some of the faces look rather creepy, don’t you think? Anyway, creepy or not, it could be a nice way to break out of the stereotype, however, since I’m afraid to use any mods in fear my game will become unplayable, I’ll have to stick with the blue and pink ‘classic’ burrito 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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