2.52 – Officially a Family

Chloe’s PoV

Mortimer was by whenever he could just to spend time with Anthony.  He loved that boy.  However, it was a little inconvenient, for him primarily.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised to open the door one morning and find Mortimer on my front porch, saddled down with boxes and luggage bags.

“I’m moving in,” he had stated, his chin jutting out with the same stubbornness I’d seen on Ms. Crumplebottom when she demanded to see Anthony.

“Okay,” was all I could think to say.  What does one say in those kinds of circumstances?


We had spoken of moving in together, of course.  This didn’t come out of the aether without warning.  We had also spoken of marriage.  Mortimer had proposed, of course.  Unfortunately, it was while I was still pregnant and not in the most stable frame of mind.  I had burst into tears and had not been able to speak for serval hours afterward.  Damn hormones.

We are now engaged, and sometimes discuss the topic of weddings.  Mortimer’s aunt continues to press us for a date, but neither of us were willing to set one.  The idea of a large affair did not sit well with either of us.  So, for now, we directed our attention to Anthony.


Mortimer was a very good father.  Even before he moved in, he doted on Anthony.


His dark eyes lit up whenever he held Anthony.  This man was meant to be a father.  He’s spoken of having more children.  I don’t think I’ll ever want to give birth again.  Ever.  But I’ll never regret keeping Anthony.  That child has brought Mortimer and I closer together.


Perhaps we’ll adopt.

Plans of weddings fell to the wayside as Mortimer and I enjoyed Anthony’s first year.  Though a fussy baby, he wasn’t nearly as difficult as rearing Thomas’s four children had been.  Everything really does just boil down to perspective.

Before long at all, it was time for Anthony’s and Cloud Flower’s first birthdays.  I was hit by a sense of deep sadness when I realized this.  Soon Anthony would be talking, walking, running, going to school.  I took a deep breath and calmed myself.  He’s only a year old just now!


With Thomas’s family gone camping for the summer and Mortimer’s aunt sick, we had a very small affair at home.  Mortimer seemed a tad upset, but I, quite frankly, was relieved.

He’s adorable, was all I could think.  Never mind the mess he made eating his first birthday cake, which Mortimer had happily slaved over a hot oven for, or the stains I’d have to work out of that fabric later.

Anthony inherited my blonde curls, which, according to my mother, have been a mark of her family for many generations.  His eyes though are his father’s, so dark as to appear almost completely black.


Not long afterwards, we celebrated Cloud Flower’s first birthday as well.


Cloud Flower has Shaye’s coloring, straight blonde hair and big blue eyes, but beyond those brief similarities are nothing.  It’s quite obvious that Cloud Flower takes after her father, whoever he is.


As the game studio head, I was my own boss.  And as tempted as I was originally to simply leap back into work, I am glad I took maternity leave.  I was able to spend a lot more time with Mortimer and Anthony during Anthony’s more formative years.

Mortimer and I had a few date nights, of course.  Shaye didn’t leave the house too often now, and so she was perfectly happy to watch both toddlers while we were out.



But we all made sure Anthony and Cloud Flower hit all their milestones.


Anthony was an intelligent little boy.  I was fairly certain he had inherited my genius, but it would a be a few more years before he could be tested.  He had worked out the peg box within a few days, then began playing with Mortimer at the “big boy” block table.


Talking was something else our son mastered rapidly.  Although, Mortimer and I never spoke “baby” to him.  Amazingly, it had been Shaye to bring that up, that children learned to speak better if they were actually spoken to instead of cooed at.  Following that unexpected advice, both Anthony and Cloud Flower were speaking long before any of their cousins were.  They even chatted together sometimes.


Anthony was smart, I knew.  However, he was also remarkably lazy.  While talking and mastering educational toys were no challenge, teaching him to walk took patience that I just did not have.  Anthony would stand, look around, then plop back down, preferring to lay on the ground than actually move.  It frustrated me to no end.  He didn’t throw tantrums.  He just refused to cooperate.  It was maddening!


In the end, Anthony hit all his milestones well before other toddlers…except walking.  Mortimer had a lot more patience than me, so it was him who finally got Anthony walking.  He took him out to the park, and had the boy chasing after butterflies within the day.


Usually, Mortimer, Shaye and I tag-teamed rather well.  Though Mortimer and I both had full time jobs, mine had infinitely more flexible hours, so it was decided I would be home with Anthony more.  But I don’t feel like any of us missed any key moments in the children’s developmental years.

However, Shaye and I did leave Mortimer alone with the toddlers for a weekend.  After all, Medea’s wedding was something we couldn’t miss.



During that weekend, Mortimer took Anthony and Cloud Flower to visit their uncle Titus.  I don’t think a pool party was the most acceptable place for a pair of toddlers, but Mortimer seemed to have this innate knowledge when it came to rearing children.  I sometime felt quite inadequate compared to him.


For all our differences, Mortimer and I did come to an agreement.  Anthony would require greater stability in his future, and for that marriage was more convenient than not.  So we paid a trip down to City Hall, toddlers in tow and Shaye and Titus as our witnesses.

I knew I had the perfect man when he spoke his vows in Klingon.




To commemorate the occasion further, Mortimer insisted we take a family photo there in the City Hall lobby, right in front of the national symbol.  It was nice to do something officially as a family.


Though it may have been a very small, simple affair, I did enjoy being married to Mortimer.


In more ways than one.


The long awaited day!  When Mayfield genetics are revealed!

I was fully prepared for Tony to have black hair, as it seems to be the dominant trait in my game.  Just like I was for Cloud Flower to be a clone of Shaye, since Shaye is a clone of Ellie.  They surprised me on both accounts.  XD  Neither of them are clones!


As a bonus, here’s Greg Steel as a toddler, the very first Mayfield to be born outside the main house!  He’s got Lucy’s big, dark blue eyes and her lips, but it looks like his dad’s face and hair.  He’s a good mix of both his parents.  *nods sagely*  He’s darker than both of them though.  Must come from his grandfather, Hank Goddard.

The Toddler Interactions mod is adorable!  It lets toddlers actual chat with each other if they both know how to talk!  ❤  It does a few other things too, like let hungry toddlers eat from the pet bowl.  XD

We have several new family pages up now: Mortimer Mayfield, Anthony Mayfield and Cloud Flower Mayfield!  The family tree has also been updated with the kids born outside the main house, organized by their Mayfield parent.

Hats off to you if you can correctly guess Cloud Flower’s father.  😉



    1. Normally, I am too, but this guy had very distictive features and is a very good combination of his parents. 😉

      Right?! Anthony is adorable! And he has Blonde hair and BLACK eyes! 8D Greg is adorable too! And now has siblings in game! Lucy makes the most precious babies.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh I’m sorry, Fluffy! I thought I have left a comment when I liked this chapter… I got probably lost in the hunt for Cloud Flower’s (she’s so adorable btw) father on the sims wiki… I have a tip. Could it be Ethan Bunch maybe? I’m really just guessing here… 😉

    Anthony is such a precious little Mayfield! I’ve never seen such a combination… blonde hair and black eyes… hmm… Can’t wait to see him as a child! I’m so happy Chloe and Mortimer got married. Now they truly are a family ❤

    Lovely chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XD No worries! I’m much more guilty of that than you.

      Cloud Flower’s father is NOT Ethan Bunch. He’s currently married to Holly Alto with 8 boys, 2 of them grown and married themselves. XD Cloud’s father isn’t a premade, but he’s the son of two pre-mades of Sunset Valley. He’s a good combo of both, but has features very distinctive to his parents. Particularly his mother.


  2. Anthony is a cutie!! ❤ I'm sure he'll be very handsome, maybe a blonde version of his dad? 😀
    I'm very curious to find out who Cloud Flower's dad is! Maybe Mortimer's brother Titus, the playboy? 🤔

    Liked by 2 people

    1. He’s got a good chunk of Mortimer’s genes, black eyes and that distinct nose, but also Chloe’s lips and brow structure. It’s an interesting mix. Also, fun fact, apparently Chloe & Mortimer have the same face shape! Chloe’s is just a tad bit wider, otherwise, they’re identical (shape-wise). XD

      Liked by 1 person

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