2.53 – Just a Bit Older

Apologies for the lateness, I was distracted by YouTube.  >.>

Chloe’s PoV

Anthony very well could be my only child.  He would likely not have any siblings.  So, whenever I went to visit Thomas or Lucy or Medea or Donovan, I made sure to take Anthony with me.  I wanted him to know his extended family.  I wanted him to be aware of our family and all the support they could give.




Our family was never very small to begin with.  My memories of my childhood always involve small rooms, warm hugs, and plenty of children running all over the place.  However, I can safely say that the Mayfield family has now become a proper clan.  Donovan and Medea are the only ones of us who has yet to have children, but she is busy focusing on her career and he is finally in a stable, healthy relationship and is planning to marry Mariah Langerak quite soon.

Lucy and Glen are still happily married and the proud parents of their son Greg.  Greg is only a few weeks younger than Anthony and a delightful child.


Still, they’re trying again for that girl Lucy wants.  She’s already in her third trimester and expecting any day now.


Thomas and Darlene are as in love as they ever were, perhaps more.  The quadruplets are doing well in school and are very well-adjusted.  The younger Thompsons, Damian and Owen, are just as adorable and curious as their older siblings.


Thomas has his hands full, but I’ve never seen him happier.  Since becoming a Pop Icon, he has more time than ever to stay home with his children.  It at least gets rid of the paparazzi, which never seem to leave him alone otherwise.


Medea, of course, is happily pursuing her sports career, while her husband has become a surgeon.  They’re quite well off, and have been married for several years now.  They both made the decision to focus on their careers instead of having children.  But Lucy says it’s only a matter of time before they “slip up” and add to the Mayfield clan.  Of course, they are as in love as they ever were.


Both Mortimer and Shaye recently had birthdays.  Shaye, of course hasn’t changed.


Right after her birthday she went out with someone called Shark, of all things.  But not before telling Cloud Flower some fantastic story of fairies or some such.



Mortimer tried to slip his birthday “under the rug”, as Shaye says.  Perhaps he was worried that our age gap would be even more pronounced.  I wasn’t having it.  One’s 50th year is very important.


The numerical difference in our ages is one number I’ll never find interesting.  Now, the precise hexidecimal value of the color of his eyes, or the number of freckles on his back, are other matters entirely.

Besides, the flecks of silver in his hair just adds a touch of distinguish to his appeal.


These years have been…life-changing.  Yes, I believe that is the correct descriptive phrase.  I have been a studio head, pregnant, a single mother, and married all within the span of a few years.

I feel that I’ve learned quite a bit.  I’ve grown a bit older, true, but I like to think that I’ve also become wiser.  A bit more well-rounded, perhaps.


I have accomplished quite a lot, as well.  I have developed and published several best-selling video games, I have become a partner and then owner to several local businesses, I have met and married the perfect man, and I have raised a toddler.




Of all the things I have accomplished, I’m surprised to admit that wife and mother are the ones I am most proud of.  Every promotion Mortimer gets, I’m proud.


Every step Anthony takes and every word he says, I am proud.


Yes, I’ve learned many things in the past few years.  I’m a little older and a bit wiser.  And I’m no longer afraid of what may come.  With Mortimer by my side, I’m 96% certain I can do anything.


I love that picture.  I felt super artsy waiting for the lighting to be just right.  XD  This shot was taken at the site of their first date, the Performance Park.  ❤

Chloe’s got more free time, so I send her about to check on the other Mayfields.  Mostly to check on cousins.  The shot with Lucy was taken right after she had her second baby, so the pictures are a bit out of chronological order, but he’s a cutey.  And the Thompson house is officially full to bursting.  Four teens and two toddlers, and I have no doubt that there will be more if the quadruplets age up and move out in time.  ^_^  I braved Build on Lot to give them more bedrooms.  Medea and Humberto live in the old Alto place and do nothing but get promotions and be cute around town.  No babies from them yet.  😦

I tried hard to get Chloe to meet up with Donovan, but he was never home.  We’ve seen him all over town though, usually doing ghost hunter stuff.  But never long enough for a picture.  He’s got an alien space car now!  Also a fiance!  8D


So, the tales of the 2nd generation of Mayfields may be coming to a close soon.  I’ve got a few more chapters of Chloe’s book before we get to delve into Tony’s head, but I’ve got a question for you guys:  Do you want to see Tony’s teen years from his perspective, or should we open his book with his young adult birthday like we did Chloe?  I’m still undecided, so here’s your chance to influence the story.

Anywho, tune in next time for child Tony and Cloud!  Thanks for reading!  ^_^


  1. ”I’m 96% certain I can do anything.” Aww, Chloe ❤ By the way, that last picture of Mortimer and Chloe watching sunset is so beautiful! It really paid off to wait for the golden minute of the sim day… and you're such a romantic soul, Fluffy… 'site of their first date'. Aww.

    Anyway, now that I'm done awwing – I'm delighted to see that all the Mayfield clan is doing so great! Thomas and Darlene surprised me with the twins – I can't imagine having household full of kiddos 😀

    And Donovan never disappoints! I wonder where he got his spacemobile from… 😀 I can't wait to see his alien genes mix with human genes, his offspring will be genetically very interesting, no doubt!

    I leave it up to you to decide about Tony's story, but I think the teen years could help us readers connect more with his character… Depends what you wanna do 😉 Great chapter as always, Fluffymao, even though it felt a bit sad, because Chloe's book is nearing the end, she was so much fun…!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So, in other saves I’ve played, I’ve had issues with townies not having children once released into the world. So, right before Thomas & Darlene moved out, I used Darlene’s LTH points to give her Fertitility Treatment. 😉 I’m wishing I’d done the same to Donovan. >.> I don’t know where he got the car, maybe his alien mother?
      I’m leaning towards showing Tony’s teen years from his perspective, if only because Chloe’s almost accomplished everything she needs to.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done, Chloe, we are all proud of how you have matured through the years and of all your great achievements, very impressing. I’m sure Chloe from the past would have been in shock that she eventually had a child and married.
    About Tony, I think that his teen years may be interesting, although I myself only do young adult, maybe that’s because I prefer having the will to do anything around town and such. Do whatever suits you better.

    Liked by 1 person

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