2.54 – Growing Up


Happy New Year!  I hope you all have/had a fabulous start to the year 2017!  ^_^

My New Year’s Eve was pretty good.  Had champagne for the first time, watched the ball drop for the second time, and played board games with my partner all day.  It was truly glorious.

Anywho, since I was late last chapter, you get an early chapter this time.  Enjoy!  ^_^

Today, Anthony is five years old.  In just a few months he will start elementary school.  Where has the time gone?

We’ll be celebrating both his and Cloud Flower’s birthdays with a party that Shaye and Mortimer have been planning for months.


He was rather upset about it being his birthday today.

“Momma, no!  I don’t wanna grow up!”


“Well, I’m afraid that you really have no say in the matter, darling,” I replied smiling.  He’s always adorable, even when he’s acting obstinate.  Which he often is.

Setting him down with Cloud Flower to play seemed to bring back his charming smile.  The bear was a gift from Donovan.  Something he found in Egypt years ago.  Cloud Flower has a bear from him as well, from France, but she prefers the rocket for some reason.  Perhaps that it’s red?  I must remember to look into that.


Mortimer and Shaye had everything planned out for the festivities for today.  My only requirement had been that it was family only.

I may have forgotten just how massive our family was now.


Whenever I visited Thomas, the quadruplets were always out.  All four of them had school, clubs, as well as part-time jobs and large circles of friends.  It seems they’ve all inherited Darlene’s penchant for keeping busy.

So I hadn’t seen the quadruplets for quite some time before Anthony’s birthday.  Suzette had grown up beautifully, with quite the mind for business.  She was currently working some kind of internship at Doo Peas in the sales department.


Jackson is quite the aspiring artist.  Thomas says he tends to sleep late and stay out late, but I’ve never had issue with that.  The night time can be incredibly inspiring.  I heard from Lucy that he’s never missed a night of the Performing Arts series, which often start late and continue well past midnight.  Jackson reminds me quite a lot of Thomas, the passions are switched from music to painting, but he is quite the sweet young man and very dedicated to what he loves.  He is currently working on a portfolio by illustrating children’s books.


Bernadette takes the most after Darlene.  She’s the one I’ve seen the most, though it’s mostly as a blur skating down the street, followed by horrible screeching and crashing when she’s turned out of sight.  For a thrill-seeker, she’s incredibly clumsy.  Humberto sees her quite a lot, I’d imagine.  Interestingly, Thomas says she’s started feeling guilty for having so many hospital visits, and she’s started clipping coupons to help the family out.  Even though Darlene’s health insurance covers everything, including surprise dental work due to skateboard accidents.


Judas has taken a bit of a turn since his sixteenth birthday, according to Thomas.  Thomas is actually a bit worried about the boy.  Judas went from being this adorable, book-loving little boy who got the best marks in school, to quite the rebellious young man who’s constantly skipping school and smoking.  Thomas was so worried that I brought it up to Darlene.  She burst out laughing and said she never wanted Thomas to know about the stuff she got up to as a teenager.


The Thompson twins, Owen and Damien, were left at the home of their aunt Holly, who, with six boys of her own, is a very capable care giver.


Other family members who showed up including Donovan, who could only stay long enough to cheer the children on and take a few pictures before having to leave for work.  Something about the City Hall basement being infested.

Mortimer’s aunt, Ms. Crumplebottom, made an appearance, though, which we were all happy about.  She’s getting up there in age, so every year she’s still around is a year Mortimer breathes a sigh of relief.


Glen, Lucy’s husband, had to leave early then come back for Lucy.  A problem with Greg’s baby-sitter.  Tidus, Mortimer’s brother, was just plain late.  A nice enough man, but lazy.  And self-absorbed.


We did have a party crasher.  Blaire Wainwright, of all people, showed up in the middle of the festivities and kept calling Darlene and Mortimer.  After the sixth call to Mortimer, I turned up the voltage for ‘mild annoyance’ for the security system.  She promptly left.


Late guests and party crashers aside, Anthony and Cloud Flower grew up well.

I didn’t begrudge Mortimer one last snuggle with our little boy.  Besides, I had pictures to take.


Shaye, of course, took Cloud Flower to her little cake.

Always a bit braver, Cloud Flower was more excited than Anthony to blow out her candles all by herself.


Then, our little toddlers became school-bound children.

Anthony is a genius, Mortimer and I did have him tested earlier this year.  However, he is also more than a bit lazy.  But his jokes and quips are rather endearing and get him out of most trouble.


Cloud Flower has grown beautifully.  Early on, we noticed she had particular trouble with crayons.  She couldn’t seem to understand which color was which, particularly shades of blue and green.  We had her tested as well.  As it turns out, she has a form of color blindness.  Lucy was devastated when she heard the news.


But it doesn’t seem to affect Cloud Flower.  She’s taken to wearing yellow more often, as a color she can very easily recognize.  Mortimer helps out by always dressing Anthony in reds.

Yes, the boy still needs to be dressed.  Otherwise he would just lie in bed all day.



Aren’t they both just adorable!  😀  Both kids favor their fathers, but there’s traces of their mothers.  Tony’s got Chloe’s mouth and, perhaps, her nose.  Cloud Flower is entirely Shaye with coloring and entirely her father otherwise.  She’s very interesting genetically.

I didn’t know what to do with either kid traitwise, so I just rolled their Child traits.  Now, in my head, Tony is this sarcastic, lazy genius (everyone knows that one kid), while Cloud is this loud, stubborn kid who doesn’t get art.  Not because she hates it, but because she can’t distinguish between certain colors.  This generation is shaping up to be very interesting.

Thanks for reading and see you next time when we do some exploring of Chloe LTW!  ^_^



  1. Cloud Flower has indeed some pretty interesting genetics… I gave up on trying to figure out who her father might be since I last played in Sunset Valley around maybe… five years ago? Yeah, I know… don’t hate me, I just got distracted by the expansion packs and the Loewes… I really loved Sunset Valley. By the way, is Cloud’s father actually from Sunset Valley? Maybe I’ve been searching in a totally wrong place… Hmm…

    The quadruplets have all so distinctive personalities, I love that! It’s a shame Sims cannot actually skate. It would be awesome though! I would have never thought that Darlene, such an angel, was skipping school and smoking… LOL 😀

    I can’t help it, but Tony really does have that ‘don’t try to fool me, I know all about you’ look. It will be interesting to see his personality shape up with the next trait when he’s a teenager… Great update! Looking for the next one 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries, I’m still trying to figure out how to reveal Cloud Flower’s father! XD He’s not an original Sunset Valley sim, but he was born from two original Sunset Valley townies. I’m thinking of introducing all of Shaye’s “friends” at some point, just so you guys have some faces to compare to.
      The quadruplets are amazing! And they really are never home! As soon as they aged up, they went to school, got part-time jobs and joined clubs! It’s amazing!
      As for sweet, rebellious little Judas, I see him the most now. At the library, befitting his Bookworm trait, but not his Rebellius trait. He’s always reading too! ❤

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave all these awesome comments! You're awesome! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

  2. P.S. I’ve got a bag of freshly harvested tomatoes for you, but cannot seem to find a place where to put it down.

    (Bad Fluffy. I wanted to reply to your newest post, but the comments section seems… not there again. Don’t hate me, I’m not mad at you… Just wanted to leave a comment, because I like leaving comments… ah, whatever 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love all Thomas’s kids, they have grown up beautifully. Cloud Flower indeed has interesting genetics. And Tony- the son of genius Chloe, who’s also lazy. This must be bothering her a lot. I can’t wait to see you exploring Chloe’s LTW, I don’t have ITF myself.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. All quads are adorable, but Judas is particularly hot! Did he get the rebellious trait when he turned into a teen?
    And I love how you translated Cloud Flower’s new trait as colorblindness, very clever!! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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