Bit of some trouble

Hey guys!  I’m working on the next chapter, I swear, but it’ll be a bit.  I’m still a full-time graduate student with a job on the side and running a D&D campaign each weekend, so, to say that my schedule is full is an understatement.  I may drop off the face of the world again.  Not sure, but gonna try not to.

In other Mayfield-related news, the game threw a curveball at me and I’m still trying to figure out how I want to respond to it.  I have a sim who’s LTW is something I can’t accomplish easily in the town I’m in…for reasons.  On the one-hand, I could just get the sim enough LTH points to switch their LTW, but…the LTW is just too ironic to pass up.  Or I could deal with the LTW and move the Mayfields.  It would probably be the whole clan if I did that, since I can’t bear the thought of leaving behind anyone.

Though, the Mayfield save has been getting laggier and laggier, so I’ve been considering switching towns with a fresh save (just porting the family) anyways.  Your thoughts?  I’ll consider custom worlds too, as long as there’s no CC installed with them.  Any town suggestions?


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