Happy Belated Birthday, Mayfields! And other excuses…

Hi, guys!  Yeah, I realize I haven’t posted anything since the start of this year, but life’s been…happening.

Last week was the Mayfields’ 2nd birthday!

This makes me feel absolutely monstrous, as I haven’t even wrapped up generation 2 yet!  It’s a close thing, but time hasn’t exactly been on my side.  But I swear to god and all that is unholy (that should cover all the bases >.> ) that I shall resume posting once the semester ends.  There’s just a lot going on right now.

I finalized (aka finished paperwork) my thesis topic and am ready to start research!  Right after I formalize an advisory committee and submit it before administration…  Who knew grad school was 90% paperwork?!  >.<  There’s also been work, balancing budgets, and trying to find a better job.  There’s also something much bigger going on, but I’ll get into that in about a month.  😉

I finally got around to reinstalling the Sims 3 and have been combing through the interwebs to find mods.  I’m thinking about trying out Awesome Mod for a while, instead of NRAAS Story Progression.  Just to see what the difference is.

TL;DR: I’ll be back, I swears.

Thanks for showing up, peoples.  See you later!  ^_^


  1. Hey, Fluffymao!

    Big congratulations on Mayfields’ 2nd birthday! I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to these days… Keeping up with these ‘little’ families of ours isn’t always easy so it’s good to hear you haven’t abandoned the ship just yet.. It’s a long sail and the waters aren’t always calm 🙂 Anyway, good luck with your thesis and I’ll be here to read the next chapter whenever it comes out!

    Have a nice day 😉

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