2.57 – Shaye’s Interlude

I live!  Though most of you may have noticed me skulking about.  Let’s revisit the Mayfields, shall we?

It had been over a week and Anthony was still ignoring all my attempts of communication.  He took the teleporter to school before I had finished my shower, and as soon as he came home, he locked himself in his room.  It was getting to the point I was contemplating sabotaging the teleporter.

Speaking of which, he was at school when I opened up the teleporter and begin sifting through connections.  Something that will cease function but not lead to physical harm

The doorbell interrupted my train of thought.  I ignored it.  Most likely the newspaper boy anyways.  Then it rang again.

“DAVE!  There’s someone at–”  DAVE flitted into my view.

“Miss Mayfield, there are seven humans between the ages of twenty and thirty currently residing on the front porch.”  DAVE paused.  “Erhm…my sensors indicate that they are inebriated.”

I blinked.  “O…kay.”  I twisted around to peek out into the great room.  As DAVE had described, a collection of seven men and women were gathered on my front porch.  And they did indeed look intoxicated.  Whether it was from alcohol or some other vice, I wasn’t sure.

My curiosity piqued, I made my way to the front door.

“Greetings, can I help you?”  My eyes landed on a familiar face.  “Hello, Titus.  Do you need Mortimer?”

Titus gave my one of his supposedly charming smiles.  “Nah, thanks Chlooey.”

I winced at the slur.  He didn’t seem to notice.

“We’re jus’ here waitin’ fer Shaye.”

Of course.  “And who is we?”  I looked pointedly behind Titus at the other people.  Of the group, Titus was the only one I recognized.

“Sure thing!”  Titus pivoted on one foot, gesturing vaguely towards a tall, blonde man.  “This’s Sky!  Good guy, Sky.”

“Hey there.”  The man’s lips curled up in a slow, easy smile, and he spoke with the lazy confidence I had previously only associated with Shaye.  Perhaps not in any good way…  To his credit, Sky seemed to be the only one with any wits about him.

“An’ this’s Hugo, mah ginger buddy.” Titus gave the other red-haired man an awkward, one-armed hug.

Hugo attempted to wave at me, but ended up just flopping his hand around and smiling crookedly at it.

“This’s’s Al and Quita.”  Titus leaned in close enough that I could smell the alcohol on his breath.  “They’re twins!”

“Indeed,” I muttered dryly.  Would now be appropriate to call Mortimer?  My fingers twitched towards my shirt pocket, which held my phone along with other important items, like my screwdriver.

“This’s Mara,” Titus continued.  “She’s awesome.”

Mara attempted to wink at me, but only managed to blink both eyes individually.  She giggled.

“And here’s me ‘migo Larry.”  Titus reached over to pat Larry’s chest, but only succeeded in over-balancing himself and the other man.  Sky barely had time to yank them both back up.  He straightened them out with another easy, if apologetic, smile sent my way.

Shaye interacts with these…people?  I’d never understand Shaye.  Of all my siblings she was the most contradictory.

I was beginning to consider the idea of telling these people that Shaye wasn’t home, when the back door blew open and the woman in question strolled into the house humming and tracking in dirt.

“Shaye, there’s–”


My ears

The group swarmed my sister, slurs and some bits of words were thrown together, then they piled into the van and drove up the road.

“See ya’, Chloe!” Shaye called back, her blonde hair obscuring her face.


I looked down to see Lucky hiding behind me.  He wagged his tail a bit.  I looked back outside.  I’ll never understand her.  With a shrug and a sigh, I left DAVE to tend the doors, returning to the teleporter.

I’ll confess, this is mostly to show a bunch of Shaye’s friends and, thus, Cloud Flower’s other-parent-potentials.  I think the pictures make it obvious, but then again, I’ve known since Cloud Flower was born.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^



        1. No worries! Too be fair, Sky looks to be a good fit at first. He was actually my first choice when Shaye started hooking up with random people.

          I find sim genetics fascinating, so am always sure to pay special attention to them. This chapter was a way to also show off some interesting combinations of townies. Like Larry Frio, son of Connor Frio and Ayesha Anasari. Quite a looker!

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Shaye’s friends are troublesome, but funny to read about. I cannot guess who is Cloud Flower’s father, so I will sit in the corner and wait along with the others. Poor Chloe had to deal with them, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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