Generation 2 Family Summary

This one’s quite a bit more filled than the last one.  Arranged in order of age, with spouses (who lived in the house) directly under.

Generation 2

Chloe Mayfield (gen 2 head):

  • Adult (68 days)
  • LTW — World Renowned Surgeon -> More Than a Machine (achieved as adult)
  • Traits — Light Sleeper, Loner, Genius, Computer Whiz, Eccentric, Night Owl

Mortimer Mayfield (Goth):

  • Elder (79 days)
  • LTW — Celebrated 5-Star Chef (achieved as elder)
  • Traits — Natural Cook, Artistic, Family Oriented, Grumpy, Ambitious

Thomas Thompson:

  • Adult (67 days)
  • LTW — Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers (achieved as young adult)
  • Traits — Good, Virtuoso, Friendly, Perceptive, Athletic

Darlene Thompson (Bunch):

  • Adult (73 days)
  • LTW — International Super Spy (achieved as adult)
  • Traits — Childish, Diva, Athletic, Daredevil, Unlucky

Shaye Mayfield:

  • Adult (60 days)
  • LTW — The Animal Rescuer (in progress)
  • Traits — Good, Absent-Minded, Eco-Friendly, Animal Lover, Great Kisser

Medea Mayfield:

  • Adult (53 days)
  • LTW — Physical Perfection (achieved as young adult)
  • Traits — Loves the Heat, Athletic, Hot-Headed, Vehicle Enthusiast, Perfectionist

Lucy Mayfield:

  • Adult (53 days)
  • LTW — Visionary (achieved as young adult)
  • Traits — Loves the Cold, Easily Impressed, Photographer’s Eye, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic

Donovan Mayfield:

  • Adult (53 days)
  • LTW — Seasoned Explorer (achieved as teenager)
  • Traits — Genius, Excitable, Adventurous, Natural Cook, Loves the Outdoors

Generation 3

Anthony Mayfield (gen 3 head):

  • Child (14 days)
  • LTW — ???
  • Traits — Genius, Couch Potato, Good Sense of Humor

Cloud Flower Mayfield:

  • Child (12 days)
  • LTW — ???
  • Traits — Brave, Friendly, Can’t Stand Art

Walter Mayfield:

  • Android (4 days)
  • LTW — Seaside Savior
  • Traits — Brave, Excitable, Clumsy, Good, Hydrophobic

Lucky Mayfield:

  • Adult Dog (29 days)
  • Natural Traits — Shy, Independent, Adventurous
  • Learned Traits — Playful, Neat


  • Plumbot (Future Tech quality)
  • LTW — ???
  • Trait Chips — Efficient, Solar Powered, Robotany Gardener, Robonanny, Limitless Learning, Competent Cleaner, Sentience

Generation 3 Cousins

Suzzette Thompson:

  • Teenager (25 days)
  • Traits — Virtuoso, Friendly, Brave, Born Saleswoman
  • Thomas’s daughter with Darlene Bunch

Jackson Thompson:

  • Teenager (25 days)
  • Traits — Artistic, Brave, Heavy Sleeper, Night Owl
  • Thomas’s son with Darlene Bunch

Bernadette Thompson:

  • Teenager (25 days)
  • Traits — Athletic, Clumsy, Daredevil, Frugal
  • Thomas’s daughter with Darlene Bunch

Judas Thompson:

  • Teenager (25 days)
  • Traits — Genius, Good, Bookworm, Rebellius
  • Thomas’s son with Darlene Bunch

Damien Thompson:

  • Child (10 days)
  • Traits — Virtuoso, Loves the Outdoors, ???
  • Thomas’s son with Darlene Bunch

Owen Thompson:

  • Child (10 days)
  • Traits — Virtuoso, Athletic, ???
  • Thomas’s son with Darlene Bunch

Greg Steel:

  • Child (13 days)
  • Traits — Easily Impressed, Athletic, Absent-Minded
  • Lucy’s son with Glen Steel

Denny Steel:

  • Toddler (4 days)
  • Traits — Excitable, Good
  • Lucy’s son with Glen Steel

Jeromy Steel:

  • Baby (2 days)
  • Traits — Friendly, Loves the Outdoors
  • Lucy’s son with Glen Steel

Rosanna Mayfield:

  • Baby (2 days)
  • Traits — Artistic, Good
  • Donovan’s daughter with Mariah Langerak

Abel Wolff:

  • Baby (0 days)
  • Traits —
  • Medea’s son with Humberto Wolff

And that’s it for generation 2!  Next time, generation 3 will kick off with an introduction from our new head.

The Mayfield House has been updated with more pictures and a download to the end-result house of generation 2.  The rules I follow for the Mayfields have been updated to explain more about how we do things around here.  The Family Album is finally all up-to-date, family tree and all bios, with proper pictures.  I might upload DAVE and Walter the Simbot as a family later on, if there’s interest.



  1. Woo, congratulations on getting the generation 2 done! What a detailed summary. It was amazing and I am glad to be here on time for generation 3.
    By the way, Gemma rolled the eccentric trait and now I feel so weird doing any inventing as that’s so Chloe. Not my purpose at all, but yeah. XD

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations on completing the 2nd generation, Fluffymao!

    P.S. I can’t wait to see Walter in a baywatch costume rescuing (or rather trying to rescue given his hydropobic trait) drowning Sims 😀 Generation 3 should be fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure! XD There’s a few things I want to do first, though, possibly including the very first generation of Mayfields to attend university. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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