3.05 – A House Update

I meant to throw this up last Monday, but then I got a new job and forgot all about this lovely.  So, here it is now instead!  An actual chapter should be up this coming Monday, so stay tuned for that if this isn’t your cup of tea!

This is an in-between, not-really chapter.  More like just an introduction to the new house.  So, shall we?

This house is a heavily modified (by yours truly) Villa Paraíso from the Sims 3 Store.  Half the outer walls have been extended outward, getting rid of quite a few redundant arches, while the entirety of the inside floor plan has been completely reworked.  The backyard was fixed up and spruced down because it was just a giant route fail waiting to happen.

So, the first floor, at ground level (no foundation here, kids), is the closest to the original lot.  The kitchen is in the same place, rearranged a bit, the stairs upward are in the same location, but changed out for the more space conserving spiral staircase (and so I could put in a basement at the same place), and all the doors haven’t moved.  Many arches, though, were lost in the great hammer wars.  The garage has been converted to the biggest bedroom in the house…Shaye’s.  Because it has a door directly out to the garden/greenhouse.

The biggest change to the first floor is the living room.  The redundant corridor was dissolved into the house, making this room bigger.  I think it was the master bedroom originally…maybe?  But now it’s the TV/video game/reading room.  Complete with chess table.

The second floor is completely different.  It has been converted to the kids’ bedrooms, yes, each kid has their own room, color coded by favorite color.  Walter’s is Lilac, Tony’s is Red, and Cloud Flower’s is Yellow.

The third floor is completely new.  It’s just a one-room tower that I added purely for aesthetic reasons…it looked cool.  I’ve added a ballet barr, a pull-up bar, and mirrors since this picture was taken, turning the attic space into a workout room…because Walter wished for it.

There’s also a basement (brand, spanking new), because Chloe needs her basement laboratory.  This basement is equipped with a bot station, inventing bench, DAVE’s recharge station, the laundry room (with an all-in-one bathroom), all Shaye’s nectar, and two little museums that are later traded in for a much larger museum and actually stocked with the things the family has collected over the many years.

And the greenhouse is new.  Because, of course, the Mayfields have a greenhouse.

I might be uploading this version of the house sooner rather than later, when I do I’ll link it here or something.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^



  1. I love what you have done with that house! It makes me want to put the original in my game and spruce it up. But, alas, my building and designing skills are terrible. So, if you upload this gem, I will be one of your downloads. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on the new job! And a half-update is better than no update at all, so I’ll happily take it. 🙂 Besides, the house looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it in action. (And I knew I liked Cloud Flower for a reason.. yellow’s my color too.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m really happy with how it turned out. I tweak it a bit more later, but the layout remains largely unchanged.

      Cloud Flower (CF, as she becomes known) was a difficult sim to decorate for. She’s a Brave, Friendly, Rebellious girl with some severe color-blindness impeding her appreciation for art. So, of course she decides to take up painting. XD


  3. Congratulations on your ❇ new job ❇ Fluffymao!!!

    The house looks amazing! I have never seen the original villa in game (only images on the website), but it looks so very pretty and fits Isla Paradiso perfectly! I saw that there was this lovely garden gazebo in the original, but I believe you got rid of it because of some bad routing problems…? It was so nice! *wipes away a tear*

    I love Shaye’s bedroom! She’s got the direct access to the garden, that’s great! And the greenhouse!! I’ve been wanting to add a greenhouse in the garden of the Loewe residence, but there’s nobody skilled enough to plant all the special seeds 😀

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