I just want to begin by saying that the Mayfields is NOT any kind of challenge or anything else.  It’s just a story, hence the tagline “a Sims 3 story”.  Since it’s not a challenge, I’m afraid I have no end goal.  It’s a for-fun save that I decided to write about and will continue to write about until I get bored.  Consider yourself warned.  That being said, I have the rather outlandish dream of completing every Life-Time Wish there is.  That’s 86 LTWs according to Carl’s Sims 3 Guide.  A lofty goal, but what the hell.

Schedule:  I try to update every other Monday, but…meh.  >.>

Mods:  Why, yes, yes I do use mods.

Simself:  Because all the kool kids are doing it.

The Story:

The Mayfields is the continuing story of a family of sims founded by patriarch, Bernard Mayfield, and told by his wife, Ellie Mayfield.  They go through the trials and tribulations associated with life, such as finding jobs, raising a family and accomplishing their dreams.

We’re currently on Generation 3.  😉

The Rules:

  1. I refuse to use poses or anything for story. Everything you see/read about happens in-game, with high free-will. Because I’m lazy.
  2. The firstborn of every generation will take over. Mainly so I don’t have to think.
  3. Each child gets at least 1 trait that one (or both) of their parents had. This gives a kind of inheritance feel.
  4. Every sim gets at least 1 negative trait. This gives them more realistic personalities.
  5. Every big milestone costs money, for a touch of realism. The amount is removed from family funds and MUST be payed.
    • -$20,000 per sim death. For “funeral costs”.
    • -$20,000 & venue rental per sim wedding. Elopement (private wedding) doesn’t count.
    • -$10,000 per child born at the hospital.
  6. My sims marry townies. No downloaded sims. Because corrupted CC is the worst.
  7. Every sim must super-max at least 1 skill. Because I feel this completionist need rising within me.

The Awards:

Look at all these badges!  I’m a goddamn pokémon master!

Liebster Award spirit-animal-award sunshine versatile-blogger-award unique-blogger-award


Still here, huh?  Welp, I’m FluffyMao.  At least on the internet.  If you want an actual name, you can call me AJ.

I’ve been simming for, roughly, four years now, and the Mayfields is me finally gathering the courage to post a sims story.  Aside from my blogs, of which there are now two, this one and The Diabolical Legacy, you can usually find me lurking about BoolpropModTheSims or Carl’s Sims 3 Forum.

In real life, I’m a college graduate with two bachelors in math and astrophysics.  And I’m going back to school for my masters in math, specifically dynamical systems.  Commence the tomato throwing.  I’ll eat spaghetti tonight.

I live in the good ol’ USA, particularly that dry, hot, bible-bumping part right next to the nukes and radioactive goo buried under the sand.  Wait, no, I’ve got that backwards.  I’ve lived here for almost a decade now, having attended college here for most of that time.  I met my Yankee boyfriend at school, and we’ve been together for the past six amazing years!  :3

Thank you everyone who’s ever given this story the time of day!  Thanks for all the comments and likes and bits of advice over the years!  I love you guys!  ❤


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