Book 1

with Ellie Mayfield

Our story begins with Bernard and Ellie Mayfield, a newly wedded couple who have just moved to Sunset Valley with Ellie’s sister, Susan Thompson. Along with them are Chloe Mayfield, Ellie’s daughter by her ex-boyfriend, and Thomas Thompson, Susan’s son (no one knows who his father is). Both are toddlers and as sweet as can be!  ^_^

1.0 – A Fresh Start:  An Introduction with Ellie Mayfield

1.1 – Bumps an’ Bruises:  Settling in, promotions, and a new baby.

1.2– Growin’ Pains:  Expanding the house, some troubles with the kids, more babies, and Susan leaves.

1.3 – Livin’ Life:  Toddler skilling, LTW fulfillment, and just daily life with the Mayfields.

1.4 – I Was Young an’ So Were You:  Looking back to better days.

1.5 – Mama’s Bittah-Sweet Memories:  Laments of a wife and mother.

Generation 1 Family Summary

Continue on to the Second Generation with Chloe Mayfield!


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