Book 2

with Chloe Mayfield & Thomas Thompson

The six Mayfield orphans.  Every adult in their lives died suddenly within a few months.  No one knows how they managed to pay for the funerals.  And no one really understands what happened next.  But suddenly, one rainy spring day, the Mayfield orphans were gone.  Skipped town.  A lot of important people around town are fuming, but no one actually talks about why.  It’s the biggest scandal since Claire Ursine’s out-of-wedlock child!

2.0 – And It’s Just the Beginning…:  An end and a rocky start.

2.1 – Dreams and Real Life:  An introduction with Chloe Mayfield.

2.2 – It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn:  Trouble brews for the Mayfield clan.

2.3 – When the Going Gets Tough…:  The Mayfields figure things out and head for the hills.

2.4 – …the Mayfields head to China?:  On the road, Chloe makes some decisions and Thomas is confused.

2.5 – The Great Wall:  An introduction to the Mayfields in Shang Simla, China.

2.6 – Explorers and Dead Bugs:  The Mayfields get new duds and some exploration takes place.

2.7 – Adventure!:  Chloe searches for reading material and Donovan tackles a dragon.

2.8 – Medea’s Secret:  Medea’s got a secret and it’s driving Chloe mad.

2.9 – A Year in China:  It’s peaceful here…

2.10 – Welcome to Al Simhara, Land of Sand & Crocodiles! … that says it all, really.

2.11 – It Could Be Nothing… Chloe looks into MorcuCorp, while Medea rages at the world in general and Chloe in particular.

2.12 – …It Could Be Something:  Thomas thinks Chloe’s acting strange.

2.13 – Under the Desert Sun:  Chloe gets into some trouble, and there’s nothing Thomas can do.

2.14 – Until the Sun Comes Up:  Looking out for each other, it’s what siblings do.

2.15 Understanding Madness:  Chloe has a Eureka moment and Thomas wishes for some normalcy.

2.16 – Busted!  Donovan & Lucy are out too late, and Chloe’s had a thought.

2.17 – The Beginnings of Madness:  Donovan & Lucy join the plot that Chloe’s making up as she goes along.

2.18 – Just Once More:  Thomas has some time to himself to think.

2.19 – The Return of Madness:  The Mayfields are back and deeper in trouble than ever!

2.20 – Run Like Mad!  Outrunning mummies takes it out of you.

2.21 – A Method to the Madness:  The culmination of madness.

2.22 – How Fast Can You Run?  The one with running.  Multiple occurrences.

2.23 – On the Road Again:  Where to next?

2.24 – Bienvenue en France:  “Welcome to France”

2.25 – New Duds, New Plan:  The Mayfields try to blend in while they plot.

2.26 – Chloe’s Ways are Interesting:  There’s no such thing as “half-way” with Chloe.

2.27 – Build Up:  Things get tense as everything climaxes.

2.28 – Blow Out:  Discussions get heated and things explode.

2.29 – Ce Que le Cœur Veut:  “What the Heart Wants”

2.30 – Finding Home:  The Mayfields find a new home.

2.31 – House Tour:  The Mayfields settle into their new home.

2.32 – A Summer Festival:  The Mayfields begin their new lives.

2.33 – Something to Celebrate:  Shaye ages up and brings in the third generation.

2.34 – As the World Falls Down:  The bubble bursts.

2.35 – A Reason Why:  And shit hits the fan.

2.36 – It’s Still Raining, but I Can See the Sun:  Will they, won’t they?

2.37 – Two and a Half Dates:  People go on dates…and someone has an almost date.

2.38 – All of My Hopes and Dreams:  All he’s ever wanted and more.

2.39 – Just the Two of Us Now:  Some people have fun nights planned, but Chloe’s home with the dog.

2.40 – A Simple Thing:  Four little words, a simple thing really.

2.41 – And Time Goes On:  Medea, Lucy & Donovan grow up.

2.42 – Seems About Right:  The union of two large clans.

2.43 – Babies and a Bit More:  Darlene drops a bomb on Thomas.

2.44 – Surprise After Surprise:  Four little surprises, to be precise.

2.45 – So Much Can Change:  With kids that can now move about, its time for some changes.

2.46 – Teaching Toddlers:  Thomas has his hands full teaching four toddlers everything they need to know to grow up right.

2.47 – Moving Day:  Some discussions are had and choices are made.

2.48 – Oops: Chloe takes a spin in her bot center with some unforeseen consequences.

2.49 – Let’s Talk:  Communication really is the key to any healthy relationship.

2.50 – 36:  The Mayfield heir presents itself.

2.51 – Cloud Flower:  What is a “cloud flower”?  Only Shaye knows.

2.52 – Officially a Family:  Chloe & Mortimer take that final step.

2.53 – Just a Bit Older:  A bit older and a bit wiser…

2.54 – Growing Up:  Growing up is harder than people realize.

2.55 – The Wonders of the Mind:  Chloe has some time to think, and we all know how that goes down.

2.56 – The Worries of the Heart:  Life is never as smooth as we imagine.

2.57 – Shaye’s Interlude:  A minor introduction of a few of Shaye’s many friends.

2.58 – Vitally Contradictory:  Even when it’s difficult, it’s important to understand the people in our lives.

2.59 – Walter:  Brother.  Son.  Walter.

2.60 – Sunset Over the Valley:  Sometimes people are stupidly racist.

Generation 2 Family Summary

Continue on to the Third Generation with Tony Mayfield!



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