Family Album

Here you can read about each member of the main family, organized by generation, then age (with spouses directly under).  Check the Downloads page if there’s any family member you want.  At some point I’ll have proper family photos up for each generation.

The Mayfield Tree

The sprawling family tree.  This includes every single Mayfield, including those born outside the main family and who might not actually be mentioned in the story.  We’ll see.

Generation 1

This is the generation I made in CAS, consisting of two adults and one young adult.  This was the beginning: nerdy Bernard Mayfield, go-getter Susan Thompson and our southern storyteller Ellie Mayfield.  They live in Sunset Valley.

Generation 2

This chronicle begins with Chloe Mayfield and Thomas Thompson, adopted siblings and best friends.  They’ve gotten each other out of several scrapes in the past.  Can they pull their family through this latest crisis?  They’ve lived in, so far, Sunset Valley, Shang Simla, Al Simhara, Champ Les Sims and are back in Sunset Valley.

Generation 3

The beginning of generation 3 dawns with Shaye’s adoption of Lucky, her dear puppy.  Whom she spoils absolutely rotten.  And continues with the birth of Thomas’s and Darlene’s first child.

Note:  I chose birthdays based on how late/early in a season the sim was born in (I have Seasons installed) or, if I didn’t know when they were born, then the sim’s sign for those CAS-made/townie.  However, on the family tree the birthday is listed as IRL when sims were born.  Same for death.



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