Bernard Mayfield

Traits:  Good | Hopeless Romantic | Handy | Vegetarian | Computer Whiz
Age:  deceased (109 days) — old age
Life-Time Wish:  Become a Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder (achieved)
Birth Info:  CAS (as adult) | September
Favorites:  Cobbler | Indie | Spice Brown
Sign:  Libra
Light brown hair | dark blue eyes

Bernard Mayfield is a kind and good man with a heart of gold. He truly believes in the good to be found in all simkind, if only you look deep enough. His greatest wish is to better the scientific knowledge of simkind. To that end, he pursued dual degrees in biology and robotics while at university.

Upon graduating, Bernard married the love of his life, Ellie Mayfield née Dawson, and, with his old childhood friend, Susan Thompson, moved to the town of Sunset Valley, where he took a position at the Landgraab Industries Laboratories.

Bernard works hard to provide for his family. He works early mornings, often late nights as well, but he does his absolute best to strike a balance between work and home life. He wants to be there for his children. To help them with homework and provide advice on the potentially rough road of life. He never misses a school presentation or recital, and treats each birthday with love and fun.

He adores his wife, Ellie Mayfield, and tries very hard to make sure she’s happy. Whenever there’s a moment of freetime, not taken by a child, Bernard spends with Ellie. A moment stolen in the park, a kiss before work, an anniversary spent at a nice restaurant. Neighbors often commented on the Mayfields being “sickeningly sweet”. There is never any doubt how much in love Bernard and Ellie are.


Bernard Mayfield suffered cardiac arrest in early spring. According to reports, he was donating money to a charity for orphaned children.

Bernard was a kind man and loving father. Everyone knew that his family was his life. He often worked early mornings, just to be home when his children got out of school. He helped them with homework and reports and gave meaningful life advice. Sometimes he would take Thomas out fishing for the day, or reprogram the family computer with Chloe. He helped Shaye volunteer for the animal shelter and he attended every one of Lucy’s art competitions. He taught Medea how to build an electric motor for her bicycle and helped tune it on occasion, and he never missed watching Saturday morning cartoons with Donovan. He always took his children out to the festival for their birthdays, and he absolutely doted upon his wife on their anniversaries.

While employed at the Landgraab Industries Laboratories, Bernard furthered the fields of agriculture and robotics, mastering both fields, as well as becoming a master fisherman in his spare time. His colleagues all agree that he was very well liked, a good man and a brilliant scientist.

Bernard Mayfield. Scientist. Husband. Father. He leaves a grieving spouse and six children.

RIP most awesome sim to ever have existed.

Partner:  Ellie Mayfield (née Dawson)
Children:  6; 2 adopted (CAS genetics), 1 alien & 3 by Ellie Mayfield
Maxed Skills:  Gardening, Handiness, Fishing
Challenges Completed:  Master Planter
Career Topped:  Science
Through the ages:

BioPics - Bernard Mayfield




  1. I love the detailed description of your Sims! It’s very helpful to get to know their personalities before you start reading their story 🙂

    I realized only now that eventhough I create ID cards for the Loewes, they don’t provide as much info as you do! Favorites, skills, completed challenges… I think should fix that… probably with some additional documentation 😀
    I guess it would be nice to see whether the future generations inherit some of the favorites or abilities of their ancestors 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It’s not nearly as pretty or creative as what you do, but I’m one of these people who loves reading about sims personality, not just in their story. So I made sure to have a little bio section for each of my sims. ^_^ I also have all their favorites, mastered skills, etc, because, again, I love reading about those things.

      It’d be so cool if you did something like this! Undoubtedly, yours would be quite creative representations. ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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