Ellie Mayfield

Traits:  Excitable | Flirty | Natural Cook | Artistic | Perfectionist
Age:  deceased (90 days) – old age (broken heart)
Life-Time Wish:  Culinary Librarian (achieved)
Birth Info:  CAS (as young adult) | July
Favorites:  Pancakes | Country | Pink
Sign:  Leo
blond hair | blue eyes

Ellie Mayfield (née Dawson) is a flirtatious southern beauty with talent in the kitchen. Having so many children, it’s lucky that she has boundless amounts of energy as well to keep up with them and still keep her house in perfect order.

Ellie had her first child while still in high school. She was dumped by the baby’s father and dropped out of school. Shortly after her daughter’s, Chloe, birth, Ellie’s mother, Virginia Dawson, passed away. Ellie’s estranged father, Thomas Thompson, took Elli and her daughter in, where Ellie first met her older sister, Susan Thompson. After being introduced by Susan, Ellie fell head-over-heels in love with her sister’s best friend, Bernard Mayfield. Shortly after Susan and Bernard graduated from university, Bernard and Ellie were married. Then, she, Bernard, and Susan moved to Sunset Valley for better prospects.

Ellie believes firmly in “a well-fed family is a happy family”. Her mother left her an old family cookbook and she uses it well. Her boundless energy and southern charm keeps her husband happy, as all their children no doubt show, while her home cooked meals keep friends and family healthy.


Ellie Mayfield passed away in early spring. She went peacefully in her sleep, surrounded by her children. Ellie had only recently lost her sister, Major Thompson, and husband, Dr. Bernard Mayfield, and had been suffering severe depression. Perhaps the true culprit was a broken heart?

Ellie Mayfield.  A mother and wife who worked magic in the kitchen. She leaves behind her five children and nephew.

Partner:  fling with a high school boyfriend; married Bernard Mayfield
Children:  4; 1 by an unknown ex, 3 by Bernard Mayfield (raised 6; 4 hers, her nephew, and her husband’s alien child)
Maxed Skills:  Cooking & Painting
Challenges Completed:  Menu Maven
Career Topped:  none
Through the ages:

G1 – Ellie Mayfield



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