Susan Thompson

Traits:  Athletic | Ambitious | Workaholic | Loves the Outdoors | Charismatic
Age:  deceased (95 days) – caught fire while attempting to cook mac & cheese
Life-Time Wish:  Become an Astronaut (achieved)
Birth Info:  CAS (as adult) | May
Favorites:  Tri-Tip Steak | Latin | Green
Sign:  Taurus
red-brown hair | amber eyes

Susan Thompson is an ambitious and charismatic woman, has been since childhood. She works hard and long to achieve her goals, and inspires others to do the some. A bit of a bump on the road to her dreams of becoming the first female astronaut was having her son, Thomas Thompson Jr. while still in college. But Susan persevered and kept training.

Susan Thompson was a military brat, no sense beating about the bush. Her father was Major Thomas Thompson of the Air Force and her mother was Marianne Thompson, a school teacher. Sadly, Mrs. Thompson wasn’t long for the world. She died shortly before Susan’s 5th birthday. As Major Thompson was transferred from base to base, his young daughter accompanied him. Susan saw quite a bit of the world before her father retired to an idyllic life in peaceful Pleasantview. She ended up growing up right across the street from Bernard Mayfield, the boy who would become her very best friend and stay that way throughout her entire life.

Susan eventually graduated from university with a degree in aerospace engineering and an infant son, Thomas Thompson Jr. With her best friend, Bernard Mayfield, and her sister, Ellie Mayfield, she moved to Sunset Valley and began serving at the Fort Gnome Military Base.


The astronaut Susan Thompson passed away this past winter when the spaceship she was piloting malfunctioned and crashed into the earth. Though she managed to save most of her crew via evacuation, Thompson and the engineer Vloskowski weer unable to escape. The first female astronaut in the history of Simearth, Major Thompson was truly an inspiration to girls all over this world.

Thompson was held in very high regard by her fellow soldiers, many of them saying that she was “a woman unlike any other”, “a really real leader”, and “could kick anyone’s ass”. A military service will be held at Fort Gnome Military base to honor Thompson and Vlowskowski.

Major Susan Thompson, the very first female astronaut.  She leaves her orphaned son in the care of her sister.

Partner:  never married; did fool around with her boss, Alvi
Children:  1; unknown father
Maxed Skills:  Athletics & Handiness
Challenges Completed:  none
Career Topped:  Military
Through the ages:

G1 – Susan Thompson



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