Chloe Mayfield

Traits:  Light Sleeper | Loner | Genius | Computer Whiz | Eccentric | Night Owl
Age:  elder
Life-Time Wish:  World Renowned Surgeon -> More than a Machine (achieved as adult)
Birth Info:  CAS (mix-genetics toddler of Ellie & Bernard Mayfield) | January
Favorites:  Fruit Parfait | Electronica | Pink
Sign:  Capricorn
blond curls | blue eyes | freckles
I’ve done it! I’ve finally done it!” — Chloe Mayfield

Chloe Mayfield is a very smart woman. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the social skills to communicate her genius insights across to other people. A fussy infant, shy child, then socially awkward teenager, life hasn’t been too easy for Chloe. While brilliant, most of the world sees her as just plain strange.

Her best friend is her adopted brother/cousin, Thomas Thompson Jr. The two grew up together in the same house with very busy adults around them. Chloe’s mother was always busy with her younger siblings, of which there were always plenty, and her father, while loving and doting, still had a very full-term job as a research scientist. So Chloe and Thomas learned to entertain themselves.

For Chloe, this meant finding the most remote locations in town and hiding there for hours at a time. Her favorite haunt was the graveyard. A spooky lot just down the hill from a spooky mansion, it was perfect for Chloe to escape from her schoolyard tormentors. Chloe often explored the catacombs beneath the graveyard, finding interesting or unique things.

As a young woman with full responsibilities, Chloe couldn’t just hide away anymore. She had four younger siblings to provide and care for. Providing was the easy part, as a programmer of Chloe’s caliber was quite in demand in the day’s job market. It’s the caring part that came hard. Chloe often didn’t understand her siblings’ needs for social stimulant and the need to seek out life advice, least of all from her!

Now, Chloe is a wife to Mortimer Mayfield and mother to their only child, Anthony Mayfield.  Even now, though, she still finds the time to tamper with mechanisms she really shouldn’t.

It was one of these tamperings that resulted in the household maid, DAVE, a very advanced artificial intelligence.  Another, resulted in Chloe’s second “child”, an android named Walter.

Partner:  Mortimer Mayfield (husband)
Children:  2 (with husband; 1 android)
Maxed Skills:  Logic, Handiness, Advanced Technology, Inventing, Bot Building
Super-Maxed Skills:  Handiness, Bot Building, Inventing
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed:
Career Topped:  
Video Game Developer – Engineer
Lifetime Rewards:  Change Life-Time Wish, Prepared Traveler, Teleportation Pad, No Bills Ever
Through the ages:

Grad – Chloe Mayfield


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