Darlene Thompson (née Bunch)

Traits: Brave | Daredevil | Unlucky | Childish | Diva
Age: elder
Life-Time Wish: International Super Spy (complete)
Birth Info: Sunset Valley – townie | October
Favorites: PB&J sandwiches | kids music | purple
Sign: Libra
blonde hair | dark blue eyes
You’ve got 10 minutes.” — Darlene Thompson

As the youngest of the Bunch household, Darlene will do anything to get noticed and she’s already had a few broken bones to show for it. She lives to torture her big brother, Arlo, but she absolutely idolizes her bigger brother, Ethan.

Darlene was Thomas Thompson’s high school sweetheart.  After four years apart while he traveled the world, they reconciled and got married.  And just in time!  Darlene soon gave birth to quadruplets Suzy, Jackie, Bunny, and Judas.

After the birth of her kids, Darlene really committed herself to her lifetime wish, struggling to get job security and to be there for her kids later in life.  Thomas became the stay-at-home dad while Darlene worked long hours.  But it paid off as Darlene completed her LTW!

With the house overly full and the kids about to start school, Darlene and her family moved out to Park Place on the other side of town.  And could there be more little Thompsons on the way?  We’ll see.

Partner: Thomas Thompson (husband)
Children: 6 (quadruplets & twins) with husband
Maxed Skills: Athletics, Logic
Super-Maxed Skills: Athletics, Logic
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed: none
Lifetime Rewards: Fertility Treatment
Through the ages: