Donovan Mayfield

Traits:  Genius | Excitable | Adventurous | Natural Cook | Loves the Outdoors
Age: young adult
Life-Time Wish:  Seasoned Traveler (achieved as teenager)
Birth Info:  Sunset Valley – home | December
Favorites:  Porcini Risotto | Classical | Spice Brown
Sign:  Sagittarius
bald | solid black eyes
Everything’s stainless steel?!” — Donovan Mayfield

Donovan’s always been different. He’s not stupid, he sees the scared glances people give him. He has green skin for crying out loud! But his family loves him, so that’s all that really matters. He got his adventure when his family traveled the world. For 4 years! But now it’s back home, to the more mundane things. Like creating new recipes! And checking out new nature! And parks! And clubs!  And EVERYTHING!

As a child, Donovan was always incredibly curious.  He couldn’t help it.  He just had to know!  So when a science facility set out to kidnap him, forcing his family into hiding, Donovan took it as an opportunity to experience the world.  He learned every language he could and left no stone unturned.  No nook or cranny was left unexplored by the time Donovan left a country.  He got good at exploring, and picked up a few miscellaneous skills along the way.  In China, he was Medea’s sparring partner, in Egypt, he helped Lucy got those coveted mummy shots, and in France he helped Shaye find the rarest grape seeds to start her own vineyard.  And in between helping his sisters, Donovan explored.  There was always something new to find, something else to learn, another mystery to uncover.

That didn’t change when his family finally returned to Sunset Valley.  Oh, no, Donovan saw it as yet another opportunity to try new things.  He quickly got himself a job as a ghost buster, ‘cuz why not!  And went around the neighborhood, sucking up ghosts and sending them on their way to eternal peace.  It was great!

Life was great!  Donovan hasn’t ever been better and he’s actually saved up enough from ghost busting to get his own apartment!  New adventures await!

Partner:  Mariah Langerak (fiance)
Children:  none
Maxed Skills:  Cooking, Logic, Fishing
Super-Maxed Skills:  Cooking, Logic
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed:  Hazmat Sim, Well Spelunker, Rubble Excavator, been cursed and cured all in one day, reached Visa lv 3 in all locations in one visit each
Career Topped:  Ghost Hunter
Lifetime Rewards:  Prepared Traveler, Jetsetter, Learned Relic Hunter
Through the ages:

AccWall - Donovan Mayfield


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