Lucy Mayfield

Traits:  Easily Impressed | Loves the Cold | Photographer’s Eye | Hopeless Romantic | Artistic
Age:  adult
Life-Time Wish:  Visionary (achieved)
Birth Info:  Sunset Valley – hospital | December
Favorites:  Aloo Masala Curry | Classical | Spiceberry
Sign:  Gemini
dark blonde hair | dark blue eyes
I’d prefer to take the picture, please.” — Lucy Mayfield

Lucy is the shy, quiet, well-mannered kid. She always does what she’s told and never causes any trouble. She spends her free-time breaking up fights between her sisters Shaye and Medea and reading romance novels. She looks at the world through rose-tinted glasses and infinite wonder. She sure is sweet-looking.

Lucy’s been looking for love since she was 5.  First it was princes who rescued their princesses, then it was teen romance, then it was The One who would come in and sweep her off her feet.  You’d think that seeing most of the world before you’re 18 would ensure you found that special someone.  But you’d be wrong.

Lucy did find a love of sorts though.  In Al Simhara, Egypt, Lucy got a camera and started snapping away.  Landscapes quickly became her favorite shots, but family members as well.  She quickly mastered the art of photography, learning to balance light and shadow and the patience to wait for the perfect shot.  She was content.  Medea had her martial arts, Donovan had his tombs, Shaye had her garden.  Photography was Lucy’s thing.  It wasn’t True Love, but it would do.

Then her family returned to Sunset Valley.  And Medea got a boyfriend.  That wasn’t how it worked!  Lucy was supposed to find love!  Of course, she was happy for her twin…but also incredibly jealous.  Medea, the one no one expected to settle down, had found love in a matter of weeks and became infinitely happier.  It didn’t help when her brother, Thomas, got married to his old high school sweetheart, who he’d pined over for the last four years.  Ah, star-crossed lovers, separated by forces beyond their power, so romantic!  It was Lucy had always wanted.

She searched high and low, near and far, and every dating websites.  But The One just wouldn’t turn up.  Maybe there was something wrong with her?  Maybe she just wasn’t meant for love?  So Lucy returned to photography and painting, getting herself a job at the art museum.  And there, she found him.

Glen Steel was a bit nerdy, a tad scrawny, but gorgeous and with a heart of gold.  He too was looking for True Love.  He wanted love, a family and a white picket fence.  They’re now married and expecting their first child.

Partner:  Glen Steel (husband)
Children:  2 with husband
Maxed Skills:  Photography, Painting
Super-Maxed Skills:  Painting, Photography
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed:  none
Career Topped:  Photographer
Lifetime Rewards:  none
Through the ages:

AccWall - Lucy Mayfield



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