Medea Mayfield

Traits:  Athletic | Loves the Heat | Hot-Headed | Vehicle Enthusiast | Perfectionist
Age:  adult
Life-Time Wish:  Physical Perfection (achieved)
Birth Info:  Sunset Valley – hospital | December
Favorites:  Porcini Risotto | Country | Lime
Sign:  Aquarius
dark blonde hair | dark blue eyes
“What’re you looking at?”Medea Mayfield

Medea was the neglected middle child between Baby Lucy and Hippie Shaye. It’s given her a unique perspective on life and a bit of a short fuse. You don’t listen the first time, don’t expect a low-volume repeat! Her hobbies include cars, working on cars, and kicking the shit out of people.

Medea was a bit awkward as a teenager, and she knew it and didn’t respond well to people calling her out on it.  But that might be due to a rocky start to her teenage years.  Her aunt, father and mother all passed away just before her 13th birthday.  Then she and the rest of her family all ran from Sunset Valley in the dead of night.  Her problems suddenly went from “my boobs are growing in” to “all the adults in my life are dead and someone’s trying to kidnap my brother.”  Not a good start.

But Medea started to find herself in Shang Simla, China.  She punched wood, meditated and reflected on her life and what she might want later.  Mostly punched wood.  And she got good at it.  Through punching wood, and a bit of meditation, Medea found a kind of inner peace that she’d desperately needed.  It’s calmed her down a bit, made her a bit braver, and gave her a willingness to achieve the impossible.

Now, at 19 and still fresh in the world, Medea’s looking to leave the nest and see what else she can punch.  She’s settled down with a nice guy, not looking at marriage or kids, but they’re both still young.

Partner:  Humberto Wolff (husband)
Children:  none
Maxed Skills:  Martial Arts, Athletics
Super-Maxed Skills:  Martial Arts, Athletics
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed:  none
Career Topped:  Sports (not in the House)
Lifetime Rewards:  none
Through the ages:

AccWall - Medea Mayfield




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