Mortimer Mayfield (née Goth)

Traits: Family Oriented | Natural Cook | Artistic | Ambitious | Grumpy
Age: elder
Life-Time Wish: Celebrated Five-Star Chef
Birth Info: Sunset Valley – townie | September
Favorites: French Toast | Classical | Black
Sign: Virgo
black hair | black eyes
Can we just talk?” — Mortimer Mayfield

The Goths’ strong marriage has produced a healthy boy named Mortimer who has all of his parents best traits and a great shot at growing up to be well adjusted.

Mortimer was an old friend of Thomas’s, though who isn’t?  He met Chloe at Thomas and Darlene’s wedding.  And she was cute.  And interesting.  Interesting enough that he attempted to ask her out.  Though it became a bungled excuse that he had a spare ticket to a Sim Fest since Thomas had backed out on him.  But it worked!  Chloe Mayfield stepped out of her house for him and he had the time of his life.  He had to keep seeing her.

And he did.  Then Chloe became pregnant.  And Mortimer was positive that it was his.  And she was going to abort it!  Growing up an only child, with parents constantly trying to have more children and constantly failing, this hit Mortimer a little hard.  Alright, a lot hard.  Hard enough that he ran over to Chloe’s house and all but broke down on her front porch.

But they say it’s all up-hill from here!  Mortimer managed to convince Chloe to keep the baby.  And a few months later, they welcomed little Anthony into their lives.  Now he has a gorgeous, intelligent girlfriend, a bouncing baby boy, a splendid career, and a supportive family all around.  For Mortimer, everything is almost perfect.  Almost.  Now, if only he can get Chloe up to the alter…

Partner: Chloe Mayfield (wife)
Children: 1 with wife Chloe
Maxed Skills: Cooking
Super-Maxed Skills:
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed: Menu Maven,
Lifetime Rewards: none
Through the ages: