Shaye Mayfield

Traits:  Good | Absent-Minded | Eco-Friendly | Animal Lover | Great Kisser
Age: adult
Life-Time Wish:  The Animal Rescuer
Birth Info:  Sunset Valley – hospital | March
Favorites:  Veggie Burger | Latin | Violet
Sign:  Capricorn
blond hair | blue eyes
Duuuuuuuuuuuude…it was awesome.” — Shaye Mayfield

Shaye Mayfield is a little hippie, a little bohemian, and all Mayfield. She’s the firstborn child of Dr. Bernard Mayfield and his wife, Ellie Mayfield. She’s constantly donating her money and time to charities and shelters, just like her father, and is the spitting image of her mother. But that’s as far as the similarities ever went.

Shaye can be a little forgetful and a bit ditzy, but she really does care. Mostly about Mother Earth and all the creatures that call her home. But she’s got a heart of gold, and seems to understand a lot more than people think she does. Especially about the heart. Love is something Shaye is an expert on. If you bother to listen to her airy ramblings, you’ll find some nuggets of knowledge there involving love, sex and the secrets of the heart. Shaye’s got boundless experience in all three.

When asked about what she wants more than anything, Shaye will probably give you that slow, lazy smile, shrug, and mumble something about the journey or something.  And she’s probably being straight with you.  Shaye’s got an easy confidence that comes from knowing who she is, where she’s been, and where she’s going.  And where she’s going is where the mushrooms grow.  No, I’m serious.  Shaye doesn’t have many cares.  She believes life is too short to waste on arguing or forcing people around to her point of view.  She believes humans should care for the world and all creatures in it, but instead of talking about it and spreading the cause, she just does it.  She’d probably be one of those people spouting about how actions are louder than words, if she weren’t wandering about, feeding lost strays and tending wild gardens.

For all her forgetful and hippie-ish ways, Shaye’s got a certain charm that people find irresistible. It might be the no-strings-attached aspect. It might be that she kisses like a French whore. But it might also be that she’s a real friend and let’s nothing get in the way of friendship. So you spent a drunken night with her (or two or three). You know you’re still good friends despite everything. She’s solid. Dependable…in her own spacey way. She’s got your back when things get sour, and is always good for a bottle of wine and some home-grown weed.

Partner:  a few romantic interests; boys, girls, Shaye don’t care
Children:  Lucky (adopted puppy); Cloud Flower (love child with a, as of yet, unknown man)
Maxed Skills:  Gardening, Nectar Making, Martial Arts
Super-Maxed Skills:  none
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed:  Master Planter, Flavorful Feet, Master Farmer
Lifetime Rewards:  none
Through the ages:


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