Thomas Thompson, Jr.

Traits:  Good | Virtuoso | Friendly | Perceptive | Athletic
Age:  elder
Life-Time Wish:  Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers (achieved)
Birth Info:  CAS (mix-genetics toddler of Susan Thompson & Bernard Mayfield) | August
Favorites:  Lobster Thermidor | Pop | Blue
Sign:  Leo
red-brown hair | amber eyes
Music’s got a way of saying what can’t be said.” — Thomas Thompson, Jr.

Thomas Thompson is an amiable young man with simple pleasures. He likes playing his guitar and making people smile. But don’t let the beach bum look fool you! He sees a lot more than people think. His dream has always been to make the whole world just get along, and if he can do that through music, he’ll do it!

Thomas is the only child of the late Major Susan Thompson, the first female astronaut. He was named for his grandfather, the late Major Thompson of the Air Force. Adopted by Dr. Bernard Mayfield, Thomas grew up with the Mayfield children. Chloe Mayfield, Dr. Mayfield’s other adopted child, grew to be Thomas’s very close friend being the only child of similar age. Together the two tacked the minefield that is the public education system. It wasn’t until he was a teenager that Thomas had a chance to reconnect with his mother. They often went to the gym together, as a pastime they both enjoyed.

While Chloe is incredibly intelligent but socially awkward, Thomas is a very well-rounded young man. He’s very observant and able to pick out the little details that most people miss.  This, combined with his natural friendliness and happy disposition, means he’s very good at figuring out people’s true emotional state and motives.

Thomas has completed almost everything he’s ever wanted to in life. Except one. He desperately wants to marry the love of his life, a certain Bunch girl he had to leave behind when the Mayfields escaped from Simica. Now that the family’s back in Sunset Valley, it’ll take all Thomas’s courage and determination to win her back.

A husband.  A father.  A Rock Star.  Thomas Thompson has completed everything he ever dreamed to.  His children are all grown, and very productive members of society, if you ask Darlene, and all well-adjusted, good people.  Now, all Thomas wants is to settle back down into obscurity in some beautiful corner of the world and live out his days with his gorgeous wife, Darlene.

Partner:  Darlene Bunch (wife)
Children:  6 (quadruplets & twins) with wife
Maxed Skills:  Guitar, Fishing, Charisma
Super-Maxed Skills:  Charisma
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed:  Master Guitarist, Money Maker
Career Topped:  Music – Rock
Lifetime Rewards:  Observant, Long Distance Friend, Prepared Traveler, Fertility Treatment
Through the ages:



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