Generation 3

Crazy Cousins

Anthony Mayfield — Chloe’s son with Mortimer and the head of the family for generation 3.

Walter Mayfield — Chloe’s brain child with Dr. Jason Funke and Anthony’s half-brother.

Cloud Flower Mayfield — Shaye’s love child.  No one knows who her father is.

Lucky Mayfield — Officially the beginning of the Third Generation!  I know he’s just a dog, but tell that to his mom!  Has a mushroom shaped splotch on his back.

DAVE — Chloe’s creation, an artificial intelligence relegated to housework.

The Thompson Kids — Thomas’s children with his wife, Darlene Bunch.  They’re a set of adorable quadruplets and twins.  And quite a handful!

The Wolff Kids — Medea’s children with her husband, Humberto Wolff.

The Steel Kids — Lucy’s children with her husband, Glen Steel.

The Mayfield Kids — Donovan’s children!  8D