Anthony Mayfield

Traits:  Genius | Couch Potato | Good Sense of Humor
Age:  child
Life-Time Wish:  ???
Birth Info:  Sunset Valley – hospital | June
Favorites:  Ratatouille | Rock | Red
Sign:  Pisces
blond curls | black eyes

The only child of Chloe and Mortimer Mayfield (Goth), Anthony is very-well loved and doted upon, some may even say spoiled.

He inherited his mother’s genius, but doesn’t really seem to aspire to her achievements.  In fact, Anthony is rather lazy.  But his wit and charm keep him out of trouble and keep the people around him laughing.

Partner:  none
Children:  none
Maxed Skills:
Super-Maxed Skills:
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed:
Lifetime Rewards:
Through the ages: