Cloud Flower Mayfield

Traits:  Brave | Friendly | Can’t Stand Art | Rebellious |
Age:  teenager
Life-Time Wish:  ???
Birth Info:  Sunset Valley – hospital | July
Favorites:  Veggie Burger | Epic | Yellow
Sign:  Libra
blond hair | blue eyes

Cloud Flower is the secret love child of Shaye Mayfield and one of the guys she’s slept with…multiple times.

Cloud Flower was a rambunctious child.  She suffers a bit from color blindness, but craves social interaction and seems to make friends easily, a bit like her mother there.  And she fears nothing.  Electrical outlet?  Can’t be that bad.  Burning stove?  Nope.  Rabid dog?  Bring it on.

Now, as a teenage, CF is beginning to question her origins.  Did she have a father?  Where was he?  Did he know she existed?  Her mother’s answer is always the same: Dunno.  And that has made CF a tad upset, a bit of a loose cannon, if you will.  The poor girl is struggling with her identity now, and has no outlet for all the frustration and aggression that’s been building up.

CF tried painting once, as a child.  It was…difficult, to say the least.  Art generally is when the artist can’t actually distinguish between purple, blue, green, and every shade in-between.  But one day, while at the hardware store with her cousin and the family plumbot, CF discovered spray paint.  And she’s been much happier recently.

Partner:  none
Children:  none
Maxed Skills:  none
Super-Maxed Skills:  none
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed: none
Career Topped:  none
Lifetime Rewards:  none
Through the ages: