Traits Chips:  Competent Cleaner | Efficient | Solar Powered | Robotany Gardener | Robonanny | Limitless Learning | Sentience
Quality:  Plumbot — Future Tech Quality
Life-Time Wish:  Chess Legend
Creation Info:  Sunset Valley – home | December
Creator:  Chloe Mayfield
chrome and titanium exterior | white light visual orbitals

DAVE was Chloe’s first foray into the world of artificial intelligence.  And it has proved to be a large success.  DAVE can learn and think.  It cannot emote, at least, not very well, but it is incredibly intelligent and has become very good at predicting it’s humans’ behavior based on past experiences.

DAVE functions as a live-in maid, cleaning dishes and doing laundry, but it has other duties.  It assists Creator Chloe in the laboratory, fetching tools and soldering metal.  It ensures that the humans exit Home at exactly the perfectly calculated time to enable them to reach their destination efficiently.  However, of all its tasks, it typically prefers assisting Human Shaye in the garden, tending to the plants and recharging in the sunlight.  DAVE’s primary objective, though, is seeing to the well-being of Young Anthony, Creator Chloe’s child.  Typically, this is DAVE’s most challenging task.

When it has time to itself, each morning before 6 am and every evening after 10 pm, DAVE enjoys reading the morning paper and watching the evening news.  It finds it helpful in determining why Creator Chloe’s and Human Mortimer’s emotional stability have been compromised most recently.  It also ensures that it interacts socially with Young Anthony each evening.  This interaction has enabled DAVE to pinpoint sources of stress in the child’s life outside Home.  DAVE has determined that Young Anthony requires more social stimulus than a game of chess and conversation with DAVE.  However, Creator Chloe has, thus far, been heedless of 100% of DAVE’s reports.

Partner:  none
Created with Maxed Skills:  Advanced Technology, Gardening
Learned Maxed Skills:
Learned Super-Maxed Skills:
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed:
Lifetime Rewards:
Through the ages: